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(E) "I Chose Croatia" World History AP class - Help student Jyovonne Montosa
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/18/2006 | Questions | Unrated
(E) "I Chose Croatia" World History AP class - Help student Jyovonne Montosa


" I Chose Croatia "

Notre Dame High School in San Jose student needs help


Dear sir or madam:

Hello. My name is Jyovonne Montosa. I am 15 years old, and I live in San Jose, California. I attend Notre Dame High Schoolin San Jose, and I am currently enrolled in a World History AP class. I have been given an assignment involving the selection ofa country to create a "scrapbook" about. One of the required elements of this project is an interview with someone who lived andculture. I would greatly appreciate it if you, or someone else in your office who has been a resident of Croatia would takesome time and answer the questions below. I need a reply as soon as possible please. Thank you very much for all of yourhelp. I sincerely appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to read this, and to assist me.
Thanks again.

Jyovonne Montosa

Question 1: Are religious ideals prominent in Croatian culture?

Question 2: How is the government organized in Croatia, and how has it been organized in the past?

Question 3: How, if at all, did World Wars 1 and 2 affect life in Croatia?

Question 4: How has the geographic composition of Croatia affected the country's economy?

Question 5: Has Croatia's location relative to other country's affected it at all?

Question 6: What, in your opinion, are some of the most important events in Croatia's history?

Question 7: What types of jobs do typical Croatians hold?

Question 8: Are there any differences between the duties of a man and those of a woman in Croatian culture?

Question 9: Do you feel that "Western" ideals have changed the culture of Croatia?

Question 10: Do many Croatians move away from the country, or do most stay? Why do you think this is?

Question 11: What kinds of foods are characteristic of Croatian culture? What is your favorite Croatian meal?

Question 12: If you could visit just one place in Croatia, what would it be?

Question 13: What is health care like in Croatia?

Question 14: What is the language of Croatia? Are there any words that are difficult to translate into English? Do you have a
favorite word or phrase?

Question 15: What do Croatians do for fun?

Question 16: Do you have a favorite Croatian author or artist?

Question 17: Is there a Croatian festival or ritual that is particularly important to you?

Question 18: Overall, what is your favorite thing about Croatia?


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