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(E) Letter published in Orange County Register
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/28/2002 | Published Articles | Unrated
(E) Letter published in Orange County Register
Milosevic Trial Proper 
Portraying Slobodan Milosevic as "small fry" ("International Court 
Dangerous", letters, Feb. 14) is an insult to all his victims in Croatia, 
Bosnia and Kosovo. A man who instigated and pursued four wars in nine 
years, in which 200,000 were killed and several million "ethnically 
cleansed", deserves to be tried in an international court. 
Who else would try him? Certainly not the Serbs, who only accuse him of 
ruining Serbia because of corruption and mismanagement, not because of 
the wars he led against the legally seceding Republics of Croatia, Bosnia 
and Slovenia or the bloodbath in Kosovo. 
Hilda Foley 
Santa Ana, Ca 
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