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(E) Published letter on ISN website by Brian Gallagher
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/18/2004 | Published Articles | Unrated
(E) Published letter on ISN website by Brian Gallagher


International Relations and Security Network
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Re: The farcical, wearisome 'hunt' for Karadzic
Dear Sir

Re: The farcical, wearisome 'hunt' for Karadzic

This excellent article touched on the UN war crimes
tribunal's dealings with Radovan Karadzic. Revelations
of such dealings are increasingly corroding public
faith in the Tribunal both in the countries of the
ex-Yugoslavia and outside of it.

The Tribunal has of course made many deals with
Serbian war crimes suspects, especially plea bargains.
The most infamous of which was with ex- Bosnian Serb
President Biljana Plavsic, who received lenient
treatment in return for a guilty plea. There was
speculation that this deal was a result of her having
worked closely with the west after the war.

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic was apparently
involved with the 'Serbian Guard', accused in Croatia.
Mr Draskovic is a supporter of co-operation with the
Tribunal. Clearly, he does not fear investigation.
Again, there is speculation of a deal.

Also, we have the well-known Savo Strbac. He was a
senior figure in the 'Republika Srpska Krajina' which
occupied one third of Croatia, terrorising thousands
of Croats - as the Tribunal themselves point out.
Strbac extensively helped Tribunal prosecutors
investigate the American-controlled Croatian offensive
'Operation Storm' which stopped Milosevic. The
prosecutor provided him with a "letter of
endorsement". One does not need to be a Croat - or
indeed an American - to consider this somewhat

Considerable damage has been done to the Tribunal's
credibility by all this, and it is not likely to be

Brian Gallagher
United Kingdom

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