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(E) Letter to Ms. Bloomfield (Holocaust Museum) re Jasenovac
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/6/2002 | Politics | Unrated
(E) Letter to Ms. Bloomfield (Holocaust Museum) re Jasenovac
Subject: letter to Ms. Bloomfield re: Jasenovac 
Ms. Sara Bloomfield 
Museum Director 
Washington Holocaust Museum 
Washington, D.C. via fax 12. 28. 2001 
Dear Ms. Bloomfield: 
The reports by the press of the find of Jasenovac items in Banja Luka, 
Bosnia Herzegovina, (that were stolen from Jasenovac by the Serbs), and 
their return to Croatia, have repeatedly been distressing to Croatians, 
as Jasenovac has been mentioned again and again as the only WWII 
concentration camp of former Yugoslavia, while some even suggest that it 
was hidden all these years from public knowledge. Nothing could be 
further from the truth, as I am certain you are aware of it. 
What most of the media and public are not aware of is the fact that most 
of the persons responsible for the atrocities committed in Jasenovac 
during the Croatian Nazi puppet regime of WWII were tried and punished by 
the communist Yugoslav government after the war and that Jasenovac also 
continued to serve as a brutal concentration camp under the communist 
regime for anti-communist Croatians who had nothing to do with fascism. 
After Croatia became independent in 1991, it kept up Jasenovac as a 
commemorative site for all the victims that were held there. The Croatian 
government and people never denied Jasenovac's existence and the crimes 
committed there by the Ustasha regime horrified them. The only denial was 
the grossly exaggerated number of victims that the Serbs consistently 
portrayed in spite of available accurate statistics by Serb and Croatian 
scholars. During 1999 the Jasenovac commander Sakic was extradited from 
Argentina as requested by the Croatian government and was tried and 
sentenced to twenty years in prison - meaning lifetime at his age. So as 
Croatians we truly have to ask the Jewish community why Jasenovac has to 
be continuously resurrected while Germany that killed millions of Jews 
and even France and Italy, that delivered Jews to the Nazis, are not 
being endlessly hounded to this day by a bad press and worse assumptions? 
There is also a very important question to be asked: Why is the Holocaust 
Museum and the Jewish community at large totally ignoring Serbia's WWII 
Nazi puppet regime under general Nedic that rounded up all Serbian Jews 
in large concentration camps of Serbia's Sajmiste, Banjica and others, 
where they either killed them or delivered them to the Germans? Serbs 
proudly declared to Hitler that Belgrade is "Judenfrei" - "Jew free". 
Serbia has a long history of antisemitism, long before WWII, especially 
fostered by its Serb Orthodox Church, while Croatia does not. 
Hilda Foley 
Media Relations 
National Federation of Croatian Americans 
13272 Orange Knoll 
Santa Ana, Ca. 92705 
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