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Relation btwn the Hague and FRY - What is Croatia doing?
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/13/2002 | Politics | Unrated
Relation btwn the Hague and FRY - What is Croatia doing?
Click Here: Crown Home PageVjesnik ran an excellent commentary today, Jan. 9, by Mark Baresic concerning the ICTY and its relations with Belgrade. This is a letter I wrote to Vjesnik, with an English translation attached.John KraljicS velikim sam zadovoljstvom procitao komentar Marka Baresica o odnosu Haskog suda sa SRJ (Vjesnik, 9. I. 2002).Pitanje je zasto se tek pred nekoliko mijeseca podigla optuznica protiv Milosevica za ratne zlocine u Hrvatskoj i Bosna i Hercegovinu? Zasto je Haski sud pustio iz pritvroa Plavsic, optuzena za genocid? Isto tako, zasto je sud pustio da Plavsic ide u Beogradu kad SRJ nista ne poduzima da suradjuje s ICTY?Medjunarodni cimbenici po svemu sudeci ne stavljaju pritisak na SRJ da ispuni svoje obveze prema ICTY-u. Ocito je da jedino Hrvatska ima moc prekinuti igru koju vodi SRJ. Hrvatska vlada, koja je ispunila skoro sve svoje obaveze prema ICTY-u, trebala bi zahtjevati da SRJ takodjer ispunjava svoje obaveze prema ICTY-u. Ako SRJ jos uvijek odbija da suradjuje, onda Hrvatska mora prijetiti da ce prekinuti suradnju s ICTY-om.Nijedna drzava nece nista poduzeti da se Srpski ratne zlocinci dovedu na sud osim Hrvatske. Ovo je obaveza koju vlada mora poduzeti da bi pravda bili izvrsena. U protivnom, svijet ce nam se smijati.S postovanje, John Kraljic, Predsjednik - National Federation of Croatian Americans, New York, USA With great satisfaction I read the commentary of Mark Baresic concerning relations between the Hague and FRY (Vjesnik, January 9, 2002).One must ask why charges were only raised against Milosevic in the past several months for war crimes in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina? Why did the ICTY allow Plavsic, charged with genocide, to be released from detention? Moreover, why did the Court allow Plavsic to go to Belgrade when FRY does nothing to cooperate with the ICTY?International factors, by all accounts, place no pressure on FRY to fulfill its obligations toward the ICTY. The Croatian government, which has fulfilled almost all of its obligations toward the ICTY, must demand that FRY fulfill its obligations as well. If FRY continues to refuse to cooperate, then Croatia must threaten to break its cooperation with the ICTY.Not one state will do anything to bring Serbian war criminals to trial other than Croatia. This an obligation which the government must undertake for justice to be carried out. If not, the world will laugh at us.distributed by CROWN - - CroWorldNet@aol.comNotice: This e-mail and the attachments are confidential information.If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail and the attachments is strictly prohibited and violators will be held to the fullest possible extent of any applicable laws governing electronic Privacy. If you have received this e-mail in error please immediately notify the sender by telephone or e-mail, and permanently delete this e-mail and any attachments.
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