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(E) Martic and Mrksic surrendered to the ICTY
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/15/2002 | Politics | Unrated
(E) Martic and Mrksic surrendered to the ICTY

MORNING NEWS 15.5.2002. 

Former Croatian Serb leader Milan Martic and former JNA officer 
Mile Mrksic have surrendered to the ICTY and have been taken 
to custody at the Scheveningen prison. It is still not clear when they are to enter their pleas. 
Martic has been indicted for the rocketing of Zagreb in 1995, 
while Mrksic has been indicted for war crimes committed in Vukovar 
in 1991.Prior to leaving Belgrade, Mrksic did not speak to the 
press, while Martic said he was innocent and would be back soon 
if the ICTY is a just court. 
The ICTY spokesperson Florence Hartmann has stated that the 
ICTY prosecution was very pleased with the arrival of the two 
indictees, but is also expecting of Belgrade to send all of 
the ICTY indictees to The Hague, including Veselin Sljivancanin 
and Miroslav Radic.
Belgrade authorities have unsuccessfully attempted to capture 
some 17 people over the past week that were all indicted by 
the ICTY. All of the indictees could not be found at the addresses 
the police were supplied with. 
Commenting on the surrender of Mile Mrksic and Milan Martic 
to the ICTY, the Deputy Prime Minister Goran Granic said that 
he was pleased with the decisiveness of the ICTY to bring to 
justice all criminals and added that he hoped Martic and Mrksic 
would not be the only ones tried for war crimes committed in 
Croatia. Martic’s indictment is expected to be extended to crimes perpetrated 
by the so-called Knin police against Croatian civilians. 

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