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(E) Krsko - Nuclear Plant in Dispute
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/28/2002 | Politics | Unrated
(E) Krsko - Nuclear Plant in Dispute



EVENING NEWS 26.6.2002. 
PM and Deputy Express Opposite Views on Krsko Agreement
Croatian Prime Minister Ivica Racan expressed dissatisfaction 
with the statement made by the Croatian Social Liberal Party 
(HSLS)that it will not vote for the ratification of a Croatian-Slovene 
agreement on the jointly-owned nuclear power plant Krsko. Racan 
said before the meeting the coalition had reached an agreement 
on the plant several days ago and that he could not comment 
on the fact that the HSLS was now opposing it until the meeting 
ended. Racan recalled the current situation with Krsko. Croatia 
does not own or manage the plant and it can use electricity 
from it under Slovenia's conditions, he said. This is why the 
Croatian government has been advocating the signing of the agreement 
with Slovenia. After the agreement is signed, it will be possible 
to decide "if the plant will be given away for one kuna, or 
sold", he said. Before Racan arrived at the meeting, Budisa 
explained to reporters the reason his party was against the 
ratification of the agreement, signed by the two countries late 
last year. He said the HSLS considered two articles of the agreement 
contentious. The first article is Article 10, which gives Slovenia 
the possibility to decide about Krsko's closure on its own, 
while Croatia remains obliged to care for the disposal of nuclear 
waste. The other contentious article is Article 16, which stipulates 
that Croatia can be left without its ownership share in the 
plant, without stating the concrete reasons due to which this 
can happen. 



Krško Nuclear Plant

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