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(E) Ovcara - An Unpunished Crime
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/3/2002 | Politics | Unrated
(E) Ovcara - An Unpunished Crime


Ovcara - An Unpunished Crime

Zagreb, October 19 (HINA) - Exactly ten years ago, the world press learned of
the discovery of a mass grave in Ovcara near Vukovar, in which, wounded
Croatians from the Vukovar Hospital were buried by Serbian paramilitary forces
with help of the Yugoslavian army. Dr. Clyde Snow, a U.N. expert for forensic
medicine, announced news of the mass grave’s discovery. In October of 1992, he
visited the Ovcara region and found numerous human remains in the mass grave.
This corroborated with eyewitness accounts of the disappearance of people
during the evacuation of wounded Croats and patients at the Vukovar Hospital.
After the occupation of Vukovar, serbian paramilitary forced and the
Yugoslavian army killed wounded Croats, hospital staff, and civilians from the
Vukovar hospital on October 20, 1991. Because of the obstructions of the
puppet Serb quasi-government in the occupied Croatian regions, exhumations of
the victims in the mass grave started only four years later, on September 1,
1996. In 40 days of work, experts of the Intrnational Hague Tribunal for War
Crimes and the organization of "Doctors for Human Rights", exhumed the remains
of 200 victims. Among them was the body of Sinisa Glavasevic, the legendary
journalist for Radio Vukovar, who reported on the heroic defense of Croatian
soldiers and the suffering of Vukovar by Serbian aggression. 

Even though the discovery of the mass graves in Ovcara were the first complete
evidence of war crimes during the wars in former Yugoslavia, caused by Serbian
aggression, the Hague Tribunal has yet to this day not brought any of those
accused of this crime to trial. The head of the Serbian quasi-government in
Vukovar, Slavko Dokmanovic, prior to the trial's start, committed suicide in
the Hague Tribunal's prison, the process for Mile Mrksic has not even begun,
because of his extradition is remains a formal statement of guilt, while
Veselin Sljivancanin and Miroslav Radic have not even been extradited, even
though the indictment against them was served seven years ago.

Translation courtesy of Marko Puljic.

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