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(E) UN?s Empire Building by Dr Jerry Blaskovich
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/31/2004 | Politics | Unrated
(E) UN?s Empire Building by Dr Jerry Blaskovich


UN’s Empire Building

THE NEW GENERATION -A Hrvatski vjesnik English
supplement 23 July 2004


UN’s Empire Building. . . or shades of  ‘Rule Britannia’

While the war on terrorism focuses on Iraq and
Afghanistan, Bosnia, a hotbed of fundamentalism, has
been largely ignored.

Apparently the Bush administration accepted United
Nations High Representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina
[OHR], Paddy Ashdown's, unsupported assurances that:
"steps were taken to ensure that Bosnia-Herzegovina
could not in any way be used as a platform for
terrorist attacks of any sort" and "tightly controlled
enough to thwart even the most secretive terrorist

The realities, however, belie Ashdown's self serving

Fundamentalists have been overtly operating in Bosnia
since the early 1990s. According to intelligence
sources and Marcia Christoff Kurop [former editor
Defense News]: "Bosnia was a major recruitment and
training center of Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaida

Bin Laden visited Bosnia at least three times during
that period. Al-Qaeda's maneuverability was helped
largely by the Bosnian Muslim government. Many
al-Qaeda captured in Afghanistan carried legitimate
Bosnian passports.

Lionel Dumont, aka Hamzo, who was recently arrested
for organizing al-Qaeda cells in Japan, as well as
several suspects of the train attack in Spain, trained
in Bosnia’s terrorists camps.

Ashdown's contention: 'Bosnia-Herzegovina is not a
breeding ground for Islamic fundamentalism" would be
laughable if the consequences weren‘t so serious.
Ashdown’s deputy, US Ambassador Donald Hays, is an
adherent of Clinton's failed Bosnian policy, a policy
that supported sponsors of terrorism in the region.
The OHR’s energies have ignored the encroachment of
Muslim fundamentalists since its energies focused on
suppressing Croatian Catholics rights.

The OHR has turned over control of at least 15 towns
to the Muhajdins and are now essentially off-limits to
non-Muslims. Despite the OHR’s head in the sand policy
NATO forces are aware that fundamentalists are
operating in the region.

Col. Stephan Thomas, a commander of NATO‘s contingency
force diplomatically described Bosnia as a "transit
country and possible refuge" for Islamic extremists.

The US Department of Treasury bypassed the OHR when it
and the Saudi government asked the UN Sanctions
Committee on 22 December 2003 to designate Vazir a
terrorist organization and representatives as

This is not the first time this non-governmental
Bosnian Muslim institution was accused of having
terrorist ties. Previously they operated as
Al-Haramain until designated a terrorist organization
in March 2002; thereafter they changed names. Vazir is
only the tip of the iceberg to similar entities in

Prior to 1990 fundamentalism was a non-issue in
Bosnia; the majority identified with Turkish culture
rather than religion. After Western governments turned
a blind eye to the Serb induced wholesale slaughter,
the Bosnians realized the West's concern for their
well being was mere verbiage.

As the West shamelessly refused to protect the largest
Muslim community in Europe, the Muhajdins filled the
void and provided money, arms, personal, but most
importantly -- moral support to their demoralized

In the process they transformed the most secularized
Muslims in the world into mirror images of themselves.
They financed an intensive mosque building campaign
and established madrasas (Muslim schools).

Madrasas are hotbeds for Wahhbism teachings that
promote violent Jihad and intolerance toward
Christianity, Judaism, and Muslims who don't fit their
mold. Parenthetically, eighty percent of the mosques
in the United States are controlled by Wahhbism.

Most Westerners define Jihad simplistically. Jihad has
ramifications far more serious than imaginable. Once
Jihad succeeds, the vanquished have three choices.
Conversion. If that is not acceptable, the survivors
must submit to second class status with no possibility
of equality. Death is the third option.

From Islam's first military incursions outside of
Arabia these tenets were inexorably followed. However,
when Islam was eclipsed by Western civilization's
ascendancy, Islamic countries became back water states
or colonies for Western interests.

While the three cornerstones of theological law
remained in force in the Muslim world, they were in
abeyance in Bosnia under Austrian and Serbian rule.
During that period and until the war of the nineties,
Catholics of Bosnia enjoyed equality with Muslims for
the first time in centuries.

Now that Bosnia, with the exception of areas under
Serb control, de facto has become a Muslim state, the
Muslims are forcing its will. For the moment it isn't
politically expedient to impose the second or third
choice; instead they coerce the Catholics to accept

The Western powers were either not aware that Alija
Izetbegovic, their darling, had written "The Islamic
Declaration" or ‘conveniently‘ forgotten. Although
written in 1970 it's chillingly reminiscent of
Al-Qaeda's manifesto of the 1990s. His key points
about the incompatibility of Islam and non-Islamic
systems: "There can be no peace or coexistence between
the 'Islam faith' and non-Islamic societies and
political institutions . . . Islam clearly excludes
the right and possibility of activity of any strange
ideology on its own turf. . . Islamic renewal cannot
be initiated without a religious [revolution], and
cannot be successfully continued and concluded without
a political revolution" are being implemented -- all
with OHR's tacit approval.

The Imams ultimate goal is to revert to Muslim mores
of five hundred years ago. Faruk Rizvanbegovic,
Bosnia's Minister for Culture, publicly echoed
Izetbegovic's sentiments.

After Catholics erected a Cross on a hill in Croatian
territory to celebrate Christ's 2000th Jubilee it
provoked controversy, especially from Seid ef.
Smajkic, leader of the Muslim community.

The American ambassador, Thomas Miller, reinforced
Smajkic's arguments, by saying: "Crosses on the hills
and other symbols of religious intolerance will not be

Interestingly, his condemnation was only directed
toward Catholic symbols. He has not chastised Muslims
for their numerous newly built mosques, even in areas
of Christian majority.

Clearly the ambassador is not aware the importance
Muslims place on imposing architectonic signs on a
hostile environment. These external signs of Islam
send a loud and clear political message.

While the OHR has almost dictatorial power and governs
Bosnia as a protectorate, it has down everything in
its power to accommodate the Muslims but will prove
disastrous for Western security. According to a
Strategic Studies Association report more than 50
percent of the Muslim forces in Bosnia were believed
to be affiliated with radical Islamist mujahedin

What's happening in Bosnia is a microcosm of Islamic
values being imposed on western secularism. Thanks to
the West's indifference to the Muslim suffering in
Bosnia, the Trojan horse of terrorism is being built
on the very doorstep of Europe.


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