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(E) John Kerry a TRUE Croatian friend
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/21/2004 | Politics | Unrated
(E) John Kerry a TRUE Croatian friend


John Kerry a true Croatian Friend



John Kerry is not saying this just before election. I witnessed his comments in 1991 - 1995, when it was the most difficult for us. Recently, few weeks ago while cleaning my basement, I found a note saying "Send thank you notes to Senator John Kerry and Joseph Biden, for their support". I remember when I wrote those notes, and that was at the time when George Bush senior, Lawrence Eagleburger and the rest of the administration supported embargo on "Yugoslavia", which in reality meant, let the aggressor (Serbs) win. They had arms, more than they could use it and we Croatians had NONE. We still won, in part, thanks to people like John Kerry and many other friends that we had in America.


Nenad Bach

Editor in Chief, CROWN


Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry issued the following statement Sunday in remembrance of Croatia’s Statehood Day:

“Today I join the people of Croatia and Croatian descent as they celebrate Croatia's Statehood Day.  Over a decade has passed since Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia in the early 90’s.  Independence has not always been easy, but in joining the Adriatic Charter in 2002, Croatia has taken positive steps toward securing its own peace and becoming integrated into a Europe whole and free.  I congratulate Croatia on the progress it has made and urge Croatians to continue working for peace, justice and democracy in their country. 

For over a hundred years, Croatians also have contributed to the rich diversity of immigrants that have made America what it is today.  Our nation owes much to those hard-working men and women who sought to better their fortunes here, and who have contributed so much to our culture, our freedom, and our prosperity.  Croatians around the world have earned the right to celebrate their independence on this day.”

For Immediate Release May 30, 2004

Contact: George Kivork, 202-712-3000

Photographer: Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc. from Sharon Farmer

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