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(E) Nader ex-running mate endorses Kerry
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/24/2004 | Politics | Unrated
(E) Nader ex-running mate endorses Kerry


Nader ex-running mate endorses Kerry

- WASHINGTON (AFP) via Sunday October 17, 2004

AFP/FileRalph Nader's running mate in two past presidential elections said she plans to cast her ballot in November for Democrat John Kerry.

"I'm voting my conscience on November 2 -- I'm voting for John Kerry," Native American activist Winona LaDuke wrote in comments published this past week in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"John Kerry provides promise for Native America and for America," said LaDuke, who lives on White Earth Reservation in the northern prairie state of Minnesota.

"His policy proposals involve vision -- like alternative energy, more accessible health care, and finding all those children who have been left behind by the (George W.) Bush administration."

She said the Massachusetts senator's support of Native American communities demonstrates shows that "we are on his radar."

LaDuke was most recently Nader's running mate during the controversial 2000 presidential election that saw Bush squeak out a razor-thin victory over Democratic candidate Al Gore -- with Nader's votes providing what many irate Democrats felt was the margin of victory for Bush.

Nader, America's most famous consumer activist, is again running for president in 2004, but this time his running mate Peter Camejo, a California-based environmental activist.

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