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(E) People who support Bush
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/28/2004 | Politics | Unrated
(E) People who support Bush


Canadian Ambassador James Bissett: Bush a better choice

Septembar 29, 2004
Former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia in 1992, James Bissett. Ambassador says charges against Milosevic 'pure Fantasy'

Canadian Ambassador James Bissett: Bush a better choice

An Interview with the former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, Mr. James Bissett

Ottawa - Oct. 22, 2004
“…From a Serb point of view a Kerry’s victory is the worst that might happen for them, their interests and the Balkans.”


Glasajte za Busha: Preporucuje udruzenje Srpsko-Americkih biraca u Americi
Oktobar 14, 2004

With American Serbs comprising a little over million votes in what appears to be another closely-contested US presidential election, Serbian American Voters’ League has launched a number of initiatives as part of its public education campaign -- Serbs for Bush -- to empower American Serbs to become part of the democratic process and vote for Bush.

To understand why a Republican or Bush’s foreign policy would be better for the Serbs then that of Democrat candidate John Kerry, we are joined by Mr. James Bissett, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia and one of the leading experts on the Balkans affairs.

What has been the American foreign policy like in the Balkans since 1992?

Bissett: You can sum it up in a few words. American foreign policy in the Balkans has been disastrous, particularly for the Serbian people. The initial signs of the early break-up of Yugoslavia were ignored by the USA. That country was preoccupied with other things, such as the collapse of the USSR and the first Iraq war. At the last moment- the eleventh hour- they tried to keep Yugoslavia together. It was a halfhearted attempt. Secretary of States, James Baker was dispatched to Belgrade to try and convince the leaders of the various Republics to stay together, but his mission failed. The Americans then pretty well gave up on the idea of the united Yugoslavia and later yielded to Germany’s insistence that early recognition be given to the independence of Croatia and Slovenia.

1) Holbrooke flatly asserts that the Serbs were not "rational people with whom one could argue, negotiate, compromise, and agree... they respected only force or an unambiguous and credible threat to use it"


Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsement
by kos
Sat Oct 23rd, 2004 at 21:43:02 GMT

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Here's the scoop.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer is published by Alex Machaskee, a Serb who considers Richard Holbrook an architect of the bombing of Belgrade (during the Kosovo War).

Word leaked that the Kerry campaign planned on sending Richard Holbrook to meet with the Plain Dealer's editorial board and try to win Kerry's endorsement. Word was sent to the Kerry campaign through several channels to keep Holbrook the heck away from Machaskee. The Kerry campaign knew. And they still sent Holbrook to meet with the Plain Dealer.

Word has it that after Holbrook met with the editorial board and left the room, Machaskee looked around the room, crinckled up his nose, and said, "Now we're gonna have to fumigate this place."

No big surprise, then, that the rumor is Malchov has overruled his own editorial board and ordered the paper to endorse Bush.

Update: to be clear, no endorsement has been made yet. The rumor is that Machaskee has ordered the editorial board to make the endorsement. I assume there will be negotiations of some sort to resolve the impasse.



These are the people who support Bush !  Besides presidents of Iran and North Korea.


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