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(E) Connor Vlakancic Candidate for US Senat
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/22/2005 | Politics | Unrated
(E) Connor Vlakancic Candidate for US Senat


Connor Vlakancic Candidate for US Senat

Greetings to Croatian-Americans,

Since my previous communications, I have gathered solid achievements in forwarding my deliverable to be
elected the first Croatian-American US Senator. And from California too, as this is very appropriate given the many similar characteristics between The Republic of Croatia and the Republic of California. There is now an introduction to my campaign  .

The singular imperative is now to emphasize that my election is attainable, and that my election will be achieved with the resultant focused recognition for Croatian objectives. For those people who would think such an accomplishment, to unseat the current Senator Diane Feinstein is impossible, here is a progress report of many of my activities and achievements, with the implications, to validate the conclusion of my elect-ability.

The content is of such length so as to include the many Croatian-American events that I have attended, as I desire to confirm my appreciation for such considerable support as has been shown to me. However, perhaps you will just desire to only read those paragraphs that are most relevant to your own conclusion that I can and will achieve election as the first Croatian-American US Senator.

I am now a Trustee at the Committee for Economic  . CED is the highly regarded non-partisan U.S. national policy think-tank (located in WDC). I was installed on 13 May in New York during the annual CED event. A part of my agenda is to forward an official relationship with an appropriate national policy think-tank in Croatia. I also have my own specific agenda to closely network together the 24 CED Trustees in California to establish a business purpose compatible media news distribution channel in support of my controversial California initiative-proposition for Licensed Alcoholic Beverages.

During this mid May visit to New York, I developed a close personal relationship with Nenad Bach who has earned considerable Croatian recognition. Nenad attended the CED event as a reporter to all Croatian media outlets. We are now collaborating to communicate my U.S. campaign directly to the Croatian community through his CROWN web site  or , and effectively express Croatian issues to the general media as my campaign activities are implemented.

Additionally during May, I visited at length with Consul General Marica Matkovic in Chicago and Consul General Petar Ljubicic in New York. Also Vedran Matosic from the Tourist Board of Split and Nena Komarica from the Croatian National Tourist Office. In each meeting establishing a personal level of rapport and support for news distribution of my candidacy throughout the Croatian American community. I also met with Jeanne Oliver of Lonely Planet who produced the Croatia Traveler Guide Book at her promotion event in New York where there was keen media attention for Croatia.

I subsequently flew to attend the Young America’s Foundation (YAF)  youth leadership training event in Las Vegas, NE. I meet with Ron Robinson, President of YAF and the many youth leaders that continually refresh the President Ronald Reagan conservative legacy to all Americans. President Reagan and I were both born in conservative Northern Illinois, within fifty miles of each other (different year). I was invited to encourage Croatian-American youth to seek attendance to the West Coast Leadership Conference in Santa Barbara, CA in November 2005. (See 1994 details at: )

I also enjoyed the Las Vegas Croatian-American picnic. Zoran Sova described my introduction to the picnic revelers in a Croatian Chronicle newspaper story. I won a bottle of Maraska Slivovica in the raffle whereupon the only logical action was to open it and share it all around with much lively “Zivili�.

Returning to New York in late June, I visited the new office of The Croatian Chronicle newspaper and enjoyed a meeting with Visnja Miocic and Vanessa Lucin that resulted in a comprehensive profile in the June issue. While the story says: “hopes to become … Senator�, “hope� is not in my vocabulary. I am determined to achieve this result and I have now (on 11 July) captured the California infrastructure support to assure my position on California’s November 2006 General Election ballot.

Following my CC interview, I spent a week in WDC meeting with CED and other strategic organizations and with 15 congressional members and Chief of Staff on Capital Hill. While it was a challenge to explain to the entrenched career-politician mindset how a controversial, but thoroughly logical, California initiative-proposition will capture the independent minded rancor of California’s electorate to accomplish my election, I did in fact accomplish this objective. This fact was demonstrated by serious questions and many genuine requests for follow-up details.

Also, as a new National Federation of Croatian Americans Delegate, nominated by Ed Andrus, President, I had several personal conversations with Croatian Ambassador Jurica in Omaha, NE during this annual meeting of NFCA Delegates on 5 June 2005. Ambassador Jurica requested my attendance to the Croatian Independence celebration on 22 June at the embassy. This event was an outrageously excellent reception, with Chef Ivo Svircic in command of the repast such that you could believe you were at a party in Zagreb.

Ambassador Jurica and I solidified our relationship and specific goals in support for my election campaign that I subsequently discussed at length with Marijan Gubic, Deputy Chief of Mission. I previously had the pleasure of meeting Marijan in Varazdin on 5 October 2002 when he coordinated a conference with The Institute of World Politics that included the honorable Thomas Patrick Melady, (previous U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican).

I had also just previously attended the Croatian Independence celebration on 16 June in Los Angeles that was organized by Consul General Sanja Juraga. Sanja introduced me to the audience as the future first
Croatian-American US Senator. This being particularly valuable as this was an entirely California event. Then on the following Sunday was the annual St. Anthony Festival Picnic on Father’s Day, with delightful weather, in the Sierra Madre foothills. Now on Sunday 10 July, I attended the Dalmatian-American Club picnic in San Pedro. Responding in a loud cheer to my question: Anybody here live in California?, I explained the significance of my California initiative, they all “got it�.

I should note that during most of these multiple Croatian community functions and picnics, that wherever
Ambassador Jurica could not attend himself, his most splendid second and his charming wife (the same person), Dunja Jurica, was in attendance and fully engaging with everyone. She is truly an Ambassador in her own right.

Now of utmost consequence, on 11 July, in meetings in Los Angeles, I established the definitive support required to achieve my critical campaign objective of being on the November 2006 General Election ballot as the new Independent candidate for US Senator from California to replace Senator Diane Feinstein. I have joined “Californians for Fair Redistricting� in united actions with Bill Mundell (Chief Mission Director) as he has dramatically accomplished qualifying the initiative-proposition (with 951,766 voter signatures) that provides a new redistricting process of California’s 53 U.S. Congressional, 40 State Senator and 80 State Assembly Districts by an impartial panel of retired judges. This legislation will terminate the entrenched career politician’s power to create gerrymandered districts that isolates themselves from electorate reprimand. I will immediately take an active role in promoting ongoing Northern California media attention to the developing political issues.

Bill and his team have the proven expertise, the financial lure and the effective infrastructure to gather the 156,000 (even times ten) voter signatures to qualify my position on the November 2006 ballot based on Californian’s popular acclaim of my controversial initiative-proposition which will therefore also be on the November 2006 ballot. Furthermore, I met with Douglas Johnson, Fellow, at The Rose Institute (Claremont McKenna College) that has also been driving California’s reapportionment effort for over twelve years. I am attending a graduate level political leadership program at the Rose Institute during this coming September. The president of Claremont McKenna College, Pamela Gann, is also an active Trustee of CED. Such positive implications abound with many of the CED Trustees located in California.

My controversial California initiative-proposition for Licensed Alcoholic Beverages will create a formal education program of all sociological, physiological and legal issues of alcoholic beverage consumption. Graduates of this training and certification will be awarded legal authorization to consume licensed beverages in California in public. A stellar value in this program will be their substantial youth mentor competencies to reduce to elimination “Power Hour� alcohol consumption amongst the “just turned 21� population and new sources of tuition funding to students who have graduated with certification in recognition of their demonstrable risk reduction. Additionally,
this legislation will eliminate the current California statutes that presume it a crime for parents to share alcoholic beverages, often of ethnic character, with their children at home. (In San Pedro, they all “got itâ€?).  for a brief description of a proposed wine beverage college course syllabus.

The current campaign imperative is to further expand distribution of news of my candidacy. Your willingness to inform your substantial network of contacts will be significant in building recognition for the election of the first Croatian-American US Senator.

Lastly, but of a critical imperative, my business is importing and distributing Zigante Tartufi (truffle infused olive oil) from Istria, Croatia. I request your introduction of 5 STAR Truffle Affair product availability to the gourmet restaurants of Croatian owners/chefs (however they may be disguised in name) in support of a lively sales distribution that finances all objectives and activities. In the world of politics, such Croatian gourmet food and fine wines, are in themselves also a valuable election campaign tool to my becoming the first Croatian-American US Senator.

Thanking you in advance for your interest and support, Sincerely,

Connor Vlakancic

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