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(E) Almost Joint Declaration Signed on Adriatic Euroregion Launch
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/12/2006 | Politics | Unrated
(E) Almost Joint Declaration Signed on Adriatic Euroregion Launch


Croatia: Almost Joint Declaration Signed on Adriatic Euroregion Launch

14:54 - 07 February 2006 - Representatives of local authorities from six Adriatic countries signed in Venice a declaration on the launching of the Adriatic Euroregion aiming to strengthen economic development, security, social cohesion, and environmental protection in a region populated by 22 million people, Hina News Line agency reports. Representatives from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro and Albania attended the conference. The Adriatic Euroregion will be formally launched after the six states' regional representatives adopt the Euroregion's statute estimated the procedure to be finalised in July.

Ivan Jakovcic, head of the northern Croatian Adriatic County of Istria, was elected president of the Euroregion, which will be based in Pula, Croatia, but will also have an office in Brussels. Speaking of the significance of the declaration, Council of Europe Secretary-General Terry Davis said the Adriatic was rich in terms of history, culture, and natural resources, but had been burdened with wars throughout history adding that this was the reason it was necessary to draw lessons from that and build a better and safer future, notably through interregional cooperation. Jakovcic stated that without the Adriatic's east coast there was no real or integral Europe.

Slovenia did not sign the declaration because authorized representatives of its maritime municipalities did not attend the conference.

The Adriatic Euroregion's objectives include preservation of the stability of its regions, strengthening of social and economic cohesion, sustainable development, the advancement of agriculture, fisheries and tourism, and environmental protection.

The Adriatic Euroregion will unite seven Italian regions, three Slovene maritime municipalities, seven Croatian counties, Bosnia's Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Montenegro, and seven Albanian provinces.

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