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(E) Oblivion - And the Tiamat
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/11/2005 | Poetry | Unrated
(E) Oblivion - And the Tiamat


And the Tiamat
[Sonnet of the Tiamat]
Her mouth sunken with undying black blood—
    The same, King Belphegor in Hell sips.
    Silent—at night—about the halls of Sheol,
Unnoticed, she walks dribbling the cursed blood;
The Tiamat has found her pacing-place, divine
    Where she sneers in jest, at Belphegor’s whims.
    O Hades and your relentless cryptic sides!
The fallen demigod has mockery eyes!
Ah! I hear her echoes from walls of stone
    From pre-history—, to dawn’s eternal—.
    She bellows—from Arch kingdoms, far below.
As I stand here in wonderment and stare
    A sad gaze; who feels his soul eternal
    I hear her blind echoes, echoes, echoes… !

#512 [3/1/05] by dlsiluk

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