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(E) Reflections on Croatia - Her Adriatic is as blue as blue can ever be
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/11/2006 | Poetry | Unrated
(E) Reflections on Croatia - Her Adriatic is as blue as blue can ever be


Reflections on Croatia
By Rusty Brooks

Why such an enigma?
Her shape comes not from the stroke of a cartographer’s pen,
Or the happenstance of rivers and mountains,
But from history.

Of a history of being an impenetrable wall to Europe.
Her role was as a fence.
A fence often hammered and rammed from both sides,
But a good solid fence to make any farmer proud.
She has served her purpose well.

But she is a fence too long neglected.
She needs mending and some much postponed repair.
But does a good farmer come to do the repairs?
No! She is left to hold herself up,
To keep herself viable against all the elements thrown against her.

Yet she still stands! Proudly!
She glistens in the bright sunshine of a new day.
Her Adriatic is as blue as blue can ever be.
Her mountains as green as any place on earth,
Her rivers clear and cold and her people strong, proud, and warm.

She reaches out her hand and heart to guests,
She welcomes them into the homes of her people,
Her people share the bounty of her land in food and drink and laughter and stories.
They ponder the future
And hope.

They hope for a Croatia full of promise,
Full of history,
Full of opportunity,
Full of strength that has overcome tremendous odds.
Take note of her.

Take notice of Croatia.
She is a beautiful gem that must be discovered.
She must not remain an enigma!
She must be a destination.
She deserves to be visited.

Savor her beauty and charm,
Relish in her warmth and spirit,
Ponder her history and her future.
She has much to offer.
She is Croatia.

A very special place in so many wonderful and enchanting ways.
I have been smitten.
I will return.
She is an enigma no more for me.
I know Croatia.


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