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(E) A Rich Croatian of the World
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/15/2002 | People | Unrated
(E) A Rich Croatian of the World

Andrónico Luksic: "A rich Croatian of the world"

What makes the Luksics different is that still they are proud of its origins, that in anything are looked like those of some families of santiagueńas. Grandfathers Policarpio Luksic arrived from Croatia to Antofagasta at the beginning of century. He was an emigrant like many others who arrived to America fleeing from hunger. One married a woman of good family of Bolivian origin, Elena Abaroa. Of that marriage two children were born: Vladimir and Andrónico.

They are completely different men: one Bohemian, the other an empreneur. Andrónico marched to France after II the World war and worked negotiating in the black market currency exchange. Upon his return, he shared his earnings with his brother and his mother, Juan Abaroa, the owner of a concessionaire of Ford automobiles. But it was not until he turned 50 when Andrónico found his calling. Lost in the desert of the north of Chile, he discovered what would be the fundamental business of the family: mining.

His skill to detect copper veins was allied, like no, to its good star. At the end of the decade of the 1950s, the Japanese company Nippon Mines did a supply to him by one of its deposits. Andrónico Luksic I answered immediately requesting 500,000 pesos by the deposit. Weeks later, the Japanese answered accepting the supply by 500,000 dollars. This confusion (the Nippon Mines always thought that Luksic spoke in dollars) suddenly made Luksic rich to which until, then they were only modest industralists of the province of Antofagasta.

From then, Andrónico Luksic I began to buy small participation in Stock market of diverse companies in the copper sector, banking, and fishing. Andrónico Luksic I, the creator of one of the most important empires of Latin America, did not wage the war to the Socialists. The sale decided with the Government some its main companies (mainly of the mining sector) in exchange for which it was allowed to maintain the property him of other companies in the agricultural sector and of feeding. When the coup d'etat of September of 1973 took place, Luksic I Beyond paid expensive its deal with the devil. During five years, Pinochet fixed them so that the Luksic did not gain nor only an aid of the privatizador process that started up. Nevertheless, that hostile act towards the Luksic became with the passage of time a great favor.

Most of the great families chose privatization when they became indebted in dollars. When the crisis from principles of the 80 arrived and the weight sank, many of which santo and the alms of the dictator had raised themselves with had to request aid. The Luksic, which they had stayed in discreet background, had liquidity and could buy much more to a price under the companies to which they could not decide on political reasons. Pinochet, without wanting it, had contributed to make more fort to the only private group that him had not rendered pleitesía. It was the good star of the Luksic. The office of Andrónico Luksic II, first-born son of Andrónico Luksic and president of the Bank of Santiago, is as small as the one of any medium executive of a great company. There are no pictures, neither carpets, nor movable expensive. A small statuette of Napoleón is the unique one I ornament in a full table of papers. "I like Napoleón because of him I learned an important thing: one cannot be believed invincible ". But the great jump did not take place until the first years of the decade of the 80, with the crisis and the devaluation of the weight. Luksic then bought Higgins Bank. The Luksic has grown of flashing form, always accompanied by their good star, until becoming the first group of the country. With its aggressive and agile style.  


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