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(E) Croatian Jazz Singer in New York - Support her- see the show
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/7/2002 | People | Unrated
(E) Croatian Jazz Singer in New York - Support her- see the show

An exotically beautiful and gifted young jazz singer from Croatia


“…every Sunday night for the past few months, an exotically beautiful and gifted young jazz singer from Croatia has been holding court...” D.Drake/Playbill, NY 

“…performance of this young and talented singer was the culmination…Daniella’s fantastic vocal abilities and skills to interact with the public make her special indeed…” R. Gorov/Novi List, Croatia 

“…Daniella has natural vocal talent…Her unique style of jazz interpretation sets her apart from many struggling artists…” R.VanIstendal/Euphoria Park Studios, NJ 

“…we need more people like Daniella…to catch the wave and discover the treasure before it all fades from memory...” Dr.N.E.Harrison 

Born in Croatia, Daniella is now living and performing in New York City as a Jazz Singer. Her influences include Sarah Vaughan, Carmen Mc Rae, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day, Sheila Jordan, Louis Armstrong, Billy Eckstine, Johnny Hartman, and the entire lineage of jazz singers and instrumentalists. Long before she could even understand or speak English, six years old Daniella would swing along with Satchmo and Ella and other jazz greats every Friday night in front of her TV set. Later at the age of 17, while she was already singing with r’n’r bands, her interest in Jazz grew and she wrote “The Jazz Music” as her High School Graduation Thesis. After exploring the blues form, Jazz was the following step on her musical path where ,she says, she found freedom to express herself. In this field of joy, as she usually describes jazz, Daniella has been developing her vocal “chops”, and growing both as a singer and a persona. Daniella’s unique improvisation skills and fine-tuned ear allow her to expand the vocalist's role beyond just interpreting a song into the realm of instrumental improvisation. A decision to move to New York City represents her strong desire to become a recognized part of the jazz scene. Daniella studied with Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, attended Berklee Summer School in Italy (Donna McElroy’s class) and recently completed The Vocal Performance Class at The New School. She sang with Bosko Petrovic, Ratko Divjak, Elvis Stanic, Domagoy Ralasic, Miles Griffith, Lee Andrew Davidson, Miles Jaye and and many others. 

Daniella appears every Sunday with guitarist Dan Adler, 7 - 11pm (no cover charge) at: Tagine Dining Gallery located at 537 9th Avenue 40th St. Tel:212-564-7191.Web:   

Contact info: phone: (917) 293-7795, e-mail:, web site:  

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