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(E) Prof. Dr. Branko Ladanyi
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/6/2004 | People | Unrated
(E) Prof. Dr. Branko Ladanyi


Prof. Dr. Branko Ladanyi

Harold R. Peyton Award Winner

Branko Ladanyi, who was born and educated in Zagreb, Croatia, is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering of Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal. After graduating in Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb, and getting his Ph.D. degree at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, he came to Canada in 1962 to take a teaching post in geotechnical engineering first at the Laval University in Quebec City, and then in 1967 at Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal, where he has since then been teaching and doing research in geotechnical engineering, and in particular, in the fields of permafrost engineering and rock mechanics.

Branko Ladanyi is one of the Canadian pioneers in northern engineering education and research, and in particular in the area of civil engineering. His northern engineering research work, which he started in the 1970-ties, has resulted in over 200 scientific publications, some of which have contributed significantly to the development and improvement of field investigation methods for frozen soils and ice, as well as to an improved design of civil engineering structures in permafrost regions. Several of these methods have found a wide application in practice, not only in Canada, but also in the U.S.A., and in Scandinavia, Russia and China. Since 1970, Branko Ladanyi has made with his students and collaborators several field research stages in Northern Québec, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Newfoundland, as well as in Alaska and on Spitsbergen. He is co author, with O.B. Andersland, of the book: "An Introduction to Frozen Ground Engineering" (Chapman & Hall, 1994), the Second Edition of which was published in 2003 by ASCE Press and John Wiley Sons.

Dr. Ladanyi is a recipient of numerous scientific awards, such as: The Québec Scientific Award (1974), the R.F. Legget Award of the Canadian Geotechnical Society (1981), the E. E. De Beer Award of the Belgian Geotechnical Society (1987), the E.F. Rice Memorial Lectureship Award of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) (1991), and the R.J.E. Brown Memorial Award of the Canadian Geotechnical Society (1993). In 1995, he also received the Canadian-American Civil Engineering Amity Award from the ASCE, the Standards Development Award from the American Society for Testing and Materials, as well as the Canadian Northern Science Award from the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Quite recently, In 2003, he received also from ASCE the Harold R. Peyton Award for his research contributions to the field of Cold Regions Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, as well as of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, the Engineering Institute of Canada, the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering, and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Branko Ladanyi is married, and has three children and three grandchildren.
Branko Ladanyi, P.Eng., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Dept. C.G.M.
Ecole Polytechnique
C.P.6079, Succ. Centre-ville
Montreal, QC, H3C 3A7 Canada
Phone: (514) 340-4711 #4804
Fax : (514) 340-5841

Dear Nenad,
OK. Here it is: My brief CV and my relatively recent photo are attached. However, the really recent news about me in 2003 are:
1. The second edition of my book, with Prof. Andersland of Michigan State University, entitled: "An Introduction to Frozen Ground Engineering", was published last year simultaneously by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and by John Wiley & Sons. It took us a lot of time to write it, and I am happy that it is out now.The book is being used currently as principal handbook for graduate courses in Cold Regions Engineering by several universities in Canada, U.S. and Norway.
2. Quite surprisingly, I received last year from ASCE the Harold R. Peyton Award, for my continuous efforts in research and teaching in the area of Cold Regions Engineering.
So, this is the real news. The rest is history. 

Sve o knjizi "Cold Regions Engineering" mozete saznati na 
Sto se tice tog problema, on je vazan za sve zemlje oko Sjevernog i Juznog Pola, kao: Kanada, Alaska, Rusija, Norveska, Swedska, Finska i Argentina. Na srecu, Hrvatska nema tog problema!
Hvala na interesu!
All the best, i hvala lijepa,

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