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(E) Andrej Urem, poet, sculptor, designer
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/10/2004 | People | Unrated
(E) Andrej Urem, poet, sculptor, designer






Andrej Urem is a poet, sculptor and graphic designer who lives in New York City from
the year 2002. He was born in 1965. in Rijeka, Croatia, where he completed his
education. He was a member of Rijeka's new - wave band Kaos (1980).

Andrej continued his studies in sculpture in Rome and Florence, during the middle of
the 80-ies. His solo exhibitions were held in Rijeka and Zagreb. He worked on
portraits and other statuary forms within plastic art across the USA, Canada, Mexico
and Italy. After return to Croatia in 1990, he started working as a graphic designer
mainly for books and magazines. He is the author of the numerous graphic solutions in
differing design fields. In the year of 2000. Urem's monography "Aeterna Croatia" was

For already two decades Andrej Urem has been writing poems. Those were published in
Croatian and American periodicals and translated to the English. He has published four
collections of poems: Ballad of the Yellow Knife ( 1991), Bugged Hart ( 1993),
Laughter in Darkness (1996) and Singing to the Essence (2000).

He is represented within the anthology of the Croatian poetry titled Passion of
Difference, Dark Sound of Emptiness (1995) as well as within Small Encyclopedia of the
Croatian Pop and Rock Music (1994). In 2003. Andrej Urem founded Urem Publishing Inc.,
and in 2004. he co-founded DOORS Art Foundation.



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