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(E) Connor Vlakancic
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/24/2005 | People | Unrated
(E) Connor Vlakancic


Connor Vlakancic

Los Gatos, California 95032
M: 831-295-7827 F: 408-364-9108

Creative key-director-level, communications technology product business development manager with a comprehensive background in large multi-national enterprise and entrepreneurial startups.

Connor Vlakancic was born in the "Corn Belt" of Illinois, about 75 miles west of Chicago. He was raised in a conservative family environment where productive work was encouraged and rewarded. His paternal Grandfather was of Croatian heritage from the Dalmatian Coast in the north Adriatic
Sea, as a citizen during the end of Austro-Hungarian rule. His maternal Grandfather was of German heritage from the Alsace-Lorraine region.

* * * * *
Connor Vlakancic's early Silicon Valley technology career includes Fairchild Semiconductor, Timex, Inc., Microma/Intel Corporation, Siemens Opto and Raychem, where he developed semiconductor RF, IC, hybrid, LED and LCD display chips, products and systems. He traveled frequently to
manage production at manufacturing sites in several Asian countries. He also spent many years at Measurex Corporation (acquired by Honeywell) developing digital control systems in paper and rubber manufacturing, and traveled worldwide to install multi-million dollar control systems.

During the mid-1980’s, he was an early entrepreneur in the personal computer systems revolution by founding the most successful IBM-PC compatible (Leading Edge) computer sales company in California. He followed this success with several years at Apple Computer as a computer-marketing
competitive annalist and Macintosh networking evangelist.

When ARPANET gave rise to the Internet in 1990 he became an open-standards computer network consultant at Advanced Computing Environments which evolved to become Networld+Interop, the world’s largest open computer standards, tradeshow and exposition. He then joined US based
Fujikura America, Inc., (subsidiary of large electric power systems manufacturing company) as Business Director of a new product division to produce and distribute (thru Anixter and Graybar Electric) innovative Desktop Area Network (DAN) products aimed at the Fortune 1,000,000 companies.

During the late 1990’s, he founded a family reunion, live videoconference service to provide "Familia Visitas" from San Jose, California to Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico. He captured business videoconference service contracts with Western-Union, the State of California, Sprint International
and EPRI. As the millennium changed, he was a business consultant and due-diligence investigator for international venture capital investors headquartered in Silicon Valley and a business development manager at Netscape/AOL and iPlanet/Sun Microsystems where his communications business development expertise was focused in 3rd party wireless client/server-side software application solutions.

He has published technology articles in several computer magazines and was a featured lecturer at Internet and video conference expositions. He has been awarded three US and international technology patents.

Following the implosion of the Silicon Valley centric "Internet bubble" by the end of 1991, he selected a change of business direction. Based on his international business acumen and family heritage, he co-founded a company to import a variety of organic food and other consumer products from the
Adriatic Sea region (Croatia) of Mid-Europe. Due to the impact on international shipping following September 11, 2001 and his US Federal political experience, he became very involved with US Federal FDA food traffic issues within USA food industry trade groups. By late 2003, he had grown the
company to obtain rounds of angel investor funding and incorporated as a holding company with LLC divisions that would specialize in specific product families to be positioned for acquisition by large US food service industry companies.

His education includes undergraduate and graduate studies in Illinois and California Universities. These include DeVry University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he earned an under-graduate degree in electronic systems and an aircraft pilot’s license with over 5000 PIC hours. He continued his professional and leadership education in several graduate-level extension programs such as Stanford University. A few of his past and current memberships in professional organizations include: The Commonwealth Club of California, The Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Club, The Churchill Club of Silicon Valley and The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

* * * * *
He is a published political author with a major dissertation registered in the U.S. Library of Congress, Thomas Register, “The 1996 Federal Paradigm” which defines a 10-point "contract" agenda to be championed and advanced by the President of the United States. The Paradigm was recognized by
GOP leadership, in 1994, and become the cornerstone of the GOP “The Contract with America” in 1995. The visionary concepts of The 1996 Federal Paradigm forecast future national issues, which have become of paramount importance since September 2001.

He has been a candidate for US Congress in California. He was recommended by US Ambassador to Croatia, William D. Montgomery, and selected to represent the US Department of State in international elections monitoring, with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE),
during the year 2000 federal elections, in the Republic of Croatia.

* * * * *
His wife, Vlasta Vlakancic is renowned as Croatia’s foremost classical concert pianist with current teaching credentials at the Music Academy, University of Zagreb, Croatia. She has played professionally in international performances in Europe for heads of state in several countries, and guest
lectures at GWU in WDC. She has performed in several California Concerts and music festivals.

* * * * *
Sun University, Java API and J2ME Enterprise and Service Provider Workshops, Palo Alto, CA (1999)
CompuMaster, Microsoft Professional Series, Business Software Clinic, Redmond, WA (1996)
Yale University, (Tufte extension), Visual Display of Quantitative Information Clinic, Palo Alto (1994)
Stanford University, Executive Business Development, Certificated Program, Palo Alto (1993-94)
Network+Interop, Ethernet, TokenRing and IP Networks Clinics, Palo Alto, CA (1990-91)
Apple University, Graphic Software Applications Workshops, Cupertino, CA (1987-88)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Aircraft Pilot License, Oakland International Airport, CA (1986)
DeAnza College, Fortran and Assembly Language, Advanced programming, Cupertino, CA (1985)
Foothill College, Business Management and Marketing Program(s) Certificate, Los Altos, CA (1968-74)
DeVry University, BSES, Applied Science Degree in Electronic Systems, Chicago, IL (1967)

Technical competencies include 3 US and foreign technology patents:
Microcomputer and Ethernet systems, #4,694,694 - #5,480,319 - #5,545,982

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