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(E) VJEKOSLAV MARTINKO live the life beyond the 'main stream'
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/6/2005 | People | Unrated
(E) VJEKOSLAV MARTINKO live the life beyond the 'main stream'



Heritage - Tradition - Friendship - Creativity


Look for the life style that is alternative to the 'main stream' Live the life beyond the 'main stream' Make sustainable change of person, community and environment the first priority.


Owner and Chief Executive Officer
(Lovran, Croatia)
Heritage - Tradition - Friendship - Creativity

Short Description of your company/business:
Company Lovranske Vile Ltd., was established in 1996 with the main objective of developing Unique Concepts in Holiday Living, which address the personal needs of each and every guest. It is intended to blend the Croatian natural and human heritage with a warm personal approach, friendly environment and high comfort levels, while enhancing creativity and personal health.
Our activities include purchasing and reconstructing historical properties in north Adriatic seaside town Lovran and converting them into the top of the range tourist facilities, consultation in local development.
We provide hospitality services according to the formulas:
-           self catering apartments in historical seaside villas;
-           rental of country farm house for holiday ;
-           hotel-restaurant with spa and conference services; and
-           destination management services.


Mr. Martinko with his son Hrvoje on the left
and personnel of Hotel 'Villa Astra'

Mr. Martinko planting cherry tree on farm 'Oraj'

What is your vision on Entrepreneurship?
My entrepreneurship is holistic. It's entrepreneurship of life. It involves my whole person. It is an inside-out process. I would like to create positive change (wealth creation) by realizing certain potential but I can do it only if I am open for positive changes in myself. Instead of repeating experiences of the past, judging others and then planning and acting, my action is starting from my heart based on feelings, tuning in to future and bringing it to present by exploring all future possibilities. This requires reshaping of the will from ego-centred (small self) to the essence (real self) or 'Grand will'.
My everyday spirituality and ethics are actively involved in change/business I am undertaking. Although I often experience cultural clash it helps me to steer my inner change and growth.
How did your started your business?
After 10 years in corporate business in Croatia and 15 years in leading position in global company in the Netherlands I decided to get out of my corporate life at the age of 48 in spite of possibility for further working opportunities. I have decided to stop and return home. Without any specific plan I came to medieval sea side town Lovran in a search for the family holiday property. This was the moment when in new state Croatia social properties were turned into private. Owners of apartments in historical seaside villas built in 19th century for tourism purposes were selling it after buying it out from the state. I saw the possibility to turn them to high quality accommodation facilities combining with different packages for holiday experience.
What are the five most five important feature of a businessman/women? Please rank them in decreasing importance.
to have a feeling and ability to recognize potentials and  future trends
to know yourself and have developed self observation capability
to have self development/growth plan
to have necessary education, skills and lifelong learning attitude
to have motivation/desire to change the world for the better
What is your expectation from the Government in supporting favourable business and regulatory environment?
-Provide strategic development plans for region and local communities
-Provide subsidies for renovation of heritage properties
-Provide free consultancy to entrepreneurs when they start business
-Organise providers and suppliers into the cluster (tourism)
-Support and subside environment protection projects undertaken by private enterprises
What is the role of an enterprise/business in the current globalized world?
Mr. Martinko -on the right- receiving annual reword from Ministry of environmental protection for preservation of farm house Oraj as example for sustainable development
To secure sustainable wealth creation by creating new jobs, making positive social impact on its employees and the community and protection of the environment. Networking with related partners on the global scene.
What do you understand on business responsibility?
Securing profit for sustainable growth
Necessity for quality assurance
Fairness toward customers and sub suppliers
Education and the personal growth of its employees
Development of the civil society sector in its environment
Respect for the environment
What do you do for the civil society?
-We gave initiative and assisted in establishing NGO 'Lovrana nostra'-NGO for heritage protection in the local community.
-Initiative for the integrated local development
-Partnership with 'Eco Liburnia', an NGO for sustainable development and bio agriculture.
-Donations to several humanitarian NGOs
What is your hobby? Do you have time to practice it?

Mr. Martinko relaxing near labyrinth built near farm house Oraj
Mr. Martinko with his children Marija and Hrvoje on the top of Risnjak mountain

What do you think as important for the current and next generation? What is your message to the society as a whole? Look for the life style that is alternative to the 'main stream' and live the life beyond the 'main stream'. Make sustainable change of person, community and environment the first priority.

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