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(E) Janica in history / but NOT alone ...
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/22/2002 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) Janica in history / but NOT alone ...
>Olympic coverage is now excellent for Janica Kostelic. She is making history 
>in Alpine skiing. SutrA magazine - New York 

>Not so long ago, it was 1976. editorial in the New York Times observed about 
>Croatian people:" They don't do things often, but when they do, they do it 
>spectacular way." This is in our character. Just remember Vukovar in 
>fighting. Remember soccer 1998 and the game against Germany. What about 
>Goran Ivanisevic in Wimbledon and Janica now? - editorial was right. 
This is only partly true and typical of the media hype that is often 
misleading, so caution and wisdom are needed. 
True, from western media point of view, Croats have done these 
spectacuar achievements, yet we all know many other Croats that they 
do not care about, as Croatia is VERY small country by NYC standards ... 
And let me 'profit' to add: do not forget numerous Croats who are not 
visible and who do outstanding work worldwide; I will name just a 
few, yet the list is very looong (and ignored by our ignorant policants; 
most of them cannot be even called politicians): 
Father Zlatko Sudac, New York 
Dr. Marko Turina, Zurich 
Dr. Nenad Ban (ETH), Zurich 
Mme Prof. Katarina Livljanic, Sorbonne, Paris 
Dr. Dubravko Babic, Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto 
Dr. Neven Matasovic, Huntington Beach 
Dr. Igor Zoric, Chalmers, Sweden 
Dr. Ivica Kopriva, Washington D.C. 
I have deliberately chosen these as most of you have never heard 
about the last six people (the list is, I remind you, MUCH LONGER) 
and yet they are top leaders, respectively in fields of bio-science, 
medieval music, quantum optoelectronics, geo-civil engineering, 
surface science, optically guided misile systems ... 
... and I repeat - NY Times is not likely to ever write about the last 
five (and there are many more) - yet they are TOP in their field. 
So, the problem is not how HIGH is our upper national ''limit'' 
or how deep are our talents, but rather HOW to unite all that 
marvellous know-how and the national talents and wisdom 
  ... and that's where present politicians and ''leaders'' are 
a total disaster, as Croatian American Times wrote: they even 
missed completely the Davos economic forum in New York ... 
If you know of any additional Croats competent in their own field 
or our people that do any outstanding work in any area, please 
let me know at your convinience, 
Thanks in advance, 
Davor Pavuna 
Montreux, Switzerland 

Rovinj, Croatia 
P.S. I am fully aware that there are also many Croats who do 
many marvellous deeds that will never be of any interest to 
any 'elite' or to any media, yet that are still in human terms and 
in Divine Eye simply marvellous and a glorious part of the 
Grand Divine Plan ... to which you -the readers- belong too ! 
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