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(E) More in common than we may think
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/2/2002 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) More in common than we may think
Wonderful, enlightening, and educational discussion which I didn't get to 
read until now due to Easter preparations. I grew up in Miami (where my 
father still lives) and love it there, too. Great city...however 
crime-ridden it is! 
Much of what you both (Davor and Adrianna) say is very true. How to change 
it is another story. I think we all do what we can, on however a small scale 
that may be. I am an elected school board member so I try on a daily basis 
to encourage our school district to begin foreign language instruction at 
early ages for our children. What I am finding is that everyone (here) 
agrees with me, but money----as usual----is a huge obstacle. In America, we 
depend on the taxpayers for monies to run our schools and we (my school 
district/community) have a huge levy ($$$) on the ballot for May because our 
state (OH) supposedly has run out of money for education. It is very 
The diversity issue and the racial issues are ones with which we contend on 
a daily basis. Educated people fight the system and the social mores but 
again, it is difficult to see any major progress so we can only do what we 
can do....inch by inch, person by person. True, there are many "ugly 
Americans" but then again, there are many wonderful people who live here who 
are educated and compassionate sorts who try to buck the system. 
I guess what I would like to say is that there are social ills and political 
problems and economic sores in all countries and if we all can take the time 
to get to know one another on a person by person basis, then we will be able 
to break through those barriers and find that we have more in common than we 
may think. 
All I can say is that people had better start getting along in the future or 
we won't have anything left of our world. It's a scary place right now, as 
we all know. I understand what you say about perceptions of America 
politics/military might and I agree with most of it. Again, how to change it 
is mind-boggling. 
So I continue to dance kolos and play tamburitza music. I believe that 
Croatian people not only have a very rich and beautiful folkloric heritage 
but that part of the reason that this heritage has been so much a part of 
everyday life, is that it truly is an escape from the realities of life. 
Melissa Pintar Obenauf 
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