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(E) We are in the business of life
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/9/2002 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) We are in the business of life


"We are in the business of life"

No, I am not a rare Croatian. My experience is that we are an amazing individuals who need to learn how to be a great society. And that is the way it will be. I am getting a lot of verbal support from many people, but as an editor in chief, it is very difficult to publish such letters thatpraise me. My concept is that YOU who are the CROWN subscribers are the POWER of CROWN.

best, comes Steve and a beautiful balloon.

At this hour (5:40 a.m. Cleveland time) I have viewed the Croworld page. It is just lovely, the whole Croworld concept and now I see the Albuquerque balloons there. Thank you Nenad for encouraging me. You are a rare Croatian. It is just my luck we met. The Croworld network has developed to new emotional heights. I like these developments. It focuses on Croatian being what they do best, knowing we have personality flaws, knowing we were alienated in the past, now that we are in the 21st century, now we are in the business of life. That we are experts in, the business of life, love and laughter. Damn good, CroWorldNet! Damn good! I am very proud to be associated with you Nenad and the CROWN. My self-esteem is already dancing on a fast moving locomotive. 
Yes, I like the concept, the design and the evolution of the CroWorldnet. Once upon a time, the actor Walter Brennan was playing a cowboy role, a young whipper snapper came by, challenged him verbally with the intent of fast shooting him. Before he tried popping him, he bragged how he heard that he, Walter Brennan, the role name escapes me, was the fastest gun in the west. Walter Brennan in hisgun slinging role, next to his side kick remarked, "Yup, no brag, just fact." 
CroWorldNet. The best. So says I. Yup, no brag, just fact. 
My personal self-esteem thanks you Nenad. I do not deny how low it was and is at times. Here, with CroWorldNet, I am in the swim, in the business of life, our greatest asset as Croatians. 
You brought it home for us Nenad. 

                                                   --Steve Renko 

"My self-esteem is already dancing on a fast moving locomotive."

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