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(E) Croatians learning Croatian-lessons needed - 2nd and 3rd generation
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/2/2002 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) Croatians learning Croatian-lessons needed - 2nd and 3rd generation

Croatians learningCroatian

My sister Nancy Brown forwarded to me your letter to her about your web
site. I am DELIGHTED to see your kind of Croatian web site. I have
been studying my Croatian heritage and Croatian history for over 2 years
now, and I've visited many web sites. Your site is unique because it is
directed to 2nd and 3rd generation Croatians in the English-speaking

I would love to be a part of your network. In 2001, I traveled to
Croatia and toured the country and visited relatives I had never met
before. The experience left me with an overwhelming love of that
country and the need to learn more about Croatia and Croatians.

Right now, I have been trying to find someone to tutor me in the
Croatian language. My parents spoke it at home, but they never taught
it to their children (typical .. I guess). Needless to say, Croatian is
not taught in Colleges (with the exception of a few). No colleges in my
area teach Croatian (although they teach other Slavic languages).

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Last year, the
Lingual Institute in Philadelphia (which claims to teach ALL languages)
put me in touch with a local woman who tutored me for a few months. So
I have studied the basics of Croatian, but unfortunately, that tutor is
not teaching any more and I have been unable to find anyone in my area
who tutors Croatian. I'm surrounded by other cities where there are
people who teach Croatian (N.Y., Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
Harrisburg, Pa.). However, as hard as I've tried, there is no one near
Philadelphia who could help me learn Croatian. If you know of anyone
who teaches in my area, please let me know. I study on my own with
audio tapes, but it is a hard language for English speakers to learn
without some assistance.

Thanks again for your web site.

Marlene (Shilobod) Richter
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania USA


Dear All,

This is very indicative letter. Steve Rukavina's son is learning too Croatian.2nd and 3rd generation of Croatian Americans are waking up and pursuing what isnot easy but very important - knowledge of language. I am delighted to see thistrend happening more often then before. These Croatians are "uspavanidiv". We have an amazing potential and cultural beauty in our 2nd and 3rdgeneration. WELCOME !!!

Nenad Bach


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