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(E) CNN Why do people love to wear fatigues?
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/4/2003 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) CNN Why do people love to wear fatigues?


Why do people love to wear fatigues? 

This must really hurt - to make so obvious how irrelevant the 
biggest news network may become if it looses its independence.

Saddam was never in army, but his entire tenure as president he 
wore military garb. GW Bush was dodging his military duty as 
much as he could, yet know he hails us from front pages of 
American dailies in an air force suit, modern day's Ceasar's choice 
of clothes. Why do people, who were awkward, good-for-nothing as 
soldiers, love to wear fatigues? I mean I am one of them and I don't 
know the answer...


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