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(E) We absolutely loved the hospitality of the Croatians
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/28/2003 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) We absolutely loved the hospitality of the Croatians


We absolutely loved the hospitality of theCroatians

Last year I had posted to the Croatian World Network asking for helpful travel trips and options on places to visit for my husband and I as we planned our first trip to Croatia. The response from the readers was wonderful, and it was such a treat to read all of your letters! Now that we are back from our trip, I wanted to thank everyone who responded. Your assistance was invaluable!! Simply, we had the most wonderful vacation ever and we so appreciate all your recommendations! We thought the Island of Hvar was just beautiful. On Hvar, we stayed at Villa Tamara in Zavala (which has the most beautiful view of the ocean and the most gorgeous beach) and ate at Villa Stella Mara (the best food on the Island!). Jelsa was our favorite place to just “hang out” as we met many scuba divers there from all over Europe. The “Dive Center Jelsa” is an A+ place to go for a scuba diving excursion and we had a fantastic time diving close to Bol. I will never forget how I felt as we were walking through the gates of Dubrovnik for the first time. We spent just hours walking around Dubrovnik, looking at it’s museums, shops and cafés. It seemed like there was always something new to see. We absolutely loved the hospitality of the Croatians – a shop in Dubrovnik even let us pay for a crystal decanter in three different currencies as we were running low on Kuna (this would just be unthinkable in the states!). The highlight of our trip had to be attending the opening night of the first ever Dubrovnik Film Festival “Callas Forever” and the after party celebration (great food and wine). Thank you to again everyone!

Nancy and Patrick De Waard
Los Angeles, California            

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