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(E) On Stage For Any Ear
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/4/2004 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) On Stage For Any Ear


Cruising the Internet...

Cruising the Internet danas, CroWorldNet was one of the many sites to tune in and read and visualize and get the latest info, what are the Croatians doing now and where are they these moments.
I was particularly attached to the "Prljavo Kazaliste" info. Tonight they play in New York city.
About a week ago, as luck would have it, I found myself in Vancouver, Canada. How I arrived there was information, as they say now-a-days, so five minutes ago. As luck would have it "Prljavo Kazaliste" put on a concert that kicked-ass, knocked down the winter blues, refreshed the heart beats and connected me with something Croatia here and now in the present tense.
For two hours at the Croatian Home off of Commercial Drive in Vancouver, "Prljavo Kazaliste" rocked and rolled, brought down the house, tuned up the blood flow, made the audience feel like it was on a roller coaster with no parachute available.
For two hours, I photographed "Dirty Theater." For two hours I tapped my toes, danced the feet, smiled, sang, captured moments that will be memorable for decades.
For what "Prljavo Kazaliste" brought to a generation of Croatians, radical rock and roll, some twenty five years later, I stumbled on to a concert photographing men who didn't know their age, didn't care what time it was, never mind the name of the city, a number of tunes heard for the first time, a number of new memories generated, now assembled together for this photo artist, combining proslosti, the hours weaving together something to understand after so many narodne nosne postcards past tense.
Kiss ass rock and roll, Croatian, adult, full of piss and vinegar, on stage for any ear willing to open the door and be understood.

                                                                --Steve Renko

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