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(E) Thank God the UN didn't exist when David faced Goliath
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/14/2004 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) Thank God the UN didn't exist when David faced Goliath


Thank God the UN didn't exist when David faced Goliath

Croatian Heritage: Will You Be Nobody?
Will you be Nobody – eating your heart out, fighting the Cyclops and weeping big tears over rough seas to find your land. Many of your friends perished on such journey.
But you rediscovered your land, you rediscovered your God, you are proud of your roots, you have your shining heritage. You are not Nobody.
There's one God. There's one country – Croatia. There's one people – of Croatian heritage.
"Thank God the UN didn't exist when David faced Goliath. His slingshot would probably have been confiscated and his people embargoed. Despite such insurmountable odds, Croatia somehow prevailed" – writes Domagoj Sola, a distinguished Canadian parliamentarian and Croatian diplomat.
Croatian Culture and Identity Ambassador Nenad Bach follows in organum, "Through my traveling around the globe, with my music, I came across many interesting characters. These people, although many of them not Croatian, would also be interested to find out about our culture and country as a whole."
These are the excerpts from your own Homeland and Diaspora II – Views and Bridges, in the Croatian Almanac 2004, a year-around book. This year, it is provided in both Croatian and English, depending on the writer. You can get it in Canadian and American parishes or directly at the Croatian Ethnic Institute by emailing its Director/Editor , in addition to other challenging material for your work, research and thesis on Croatian heritage and its contribution to America and Canada. You don't seem to have to be a Croatian to make it Open Sesame. Smiley. (I'll be borrowing my non-Croatian friend's expression.)
Apart from your standard input of "articles, contributions, news, poems, views, and memories," in Croatian Almanac 2004 "you will also discover Ferdinand Konscak, a Croatian Jesuit who was the first to explore Lower California, and the first to work out exact map of it 1746. Prior to his work, California was shown on all maps as an island." A factual account of it is prepared by fra Ljubo Krasic and also includes the quotations from The Catholic Encyclopedia and so on.
"Like the Croatian Prayerbook, that for several hundred years has gone from hand to hand – it is even hand written!" – Dr Vinko Grubisic has an expert account about it (Bribirski molitvenik).
There is more, but I only received my copy today and am randomly blasting through it. Yet I don't have to flash as Gary Gabelich from San Perdro, who "won and held the record for the world's fastest automobile driver with 1002 kilometers an hour."
The CEI and its contributors and supporters attest to a divine gift of the Croatian heritage.
Personal Notes:
Thanks to the CEI and its editor/director Ljubo Krasic for both a copy of the Almanac 2004 and the boost for an ongoing translation work.
And thanks to a particular Croatian friend for introduction to the play L'Odysée, (Ulysse) présenté par Le Théâtre Il va sans dire et Le Théâtre du Nouveau monde – weren't there various plays we have seen during your sejour in Montreal, my friend. Special thanks for the Irish one! Ah now, your prophecy spoken of old is come to completion; I'm thinking about the return every day: I will eventually write about it in the next Almanac; from Canada. Hopefully not too theatrically, as I still could get educated so to produce a trenchant analysis on the issue. Learning for life, c'est la vie...
To all, let me know if you will ever return...


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