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(E) Living in Croatia - Odgovor - Reply
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/18/2004 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) Living in Croatia - Odgovor - Reply


Living in Croatia - Odgovor - Reply

I see that my opinion hooked Dr. Zdeslav Hrepic. As they say in psychology....if you don't have a hook, nobody can hang anything on it. I obviously touched some hot spots. Its easy to take things out of context if one is looking to do so.

Words like "I am ashamed to say" are not to be taken literally....there is obviously a communication issue here. I would like to see more Croatians returning and investing in Croatia. And yes, most agencies do give Croatians a break...its in black and white on our website Perhaps Dr Hrepic could tell us why real estate agents should discount to returning Croatian's? As an incentive? Should Croatians also sell their property cheaper to a returning Croatian or another Croatian?

In answer to Dr. Hrepic's question as to how long I was abroad...I was born abroad... I have heard Dr Hrepic's comment before...why did Croatians leave in the first place....typical they do not know or would rather forget...or which they had.

As for the capitalism comment...gee, perhaps communism was better? Many people here tell me it was, and it may have been...but there was a war...and we are still is getting better...but it is different...the sense of security is missing.

As for providing motivation to why I am a real estate agent...the reason is simply that I like it...much better than being an IT executive or consulting on change management my dad was a builder...I have built several houses...I like the industry...and enjoy what I am doing...I like knowing what is available, where, for what...and I like meeting people and providing a needed service.

Perhaps more of our journalists and government could help more in educating Croatians, and publicize what is happening...and call attention to the facts....statistics should be published, what is selling, where, to whom, at what price...I am all for it...this by itself would be a step toward regularizing the real estate industry, as mentioned previously I am all for the setting up of a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to help Croatians buy their first home as in America. In American counties real estate statistics are published weekly in the local county papers.

As to the respect issue, I have been involved too long with Croatians abroad not to have observed who is pulling the cart and who is sitting on it and who is throwing spanners on the road. .

Dr Hrepic could as easily have commented more positively, both of us are obviously opinionated (very Croatian)...and have succeeded in triggering our defense mechanisms (Freud - read into other's your own behavior).


M.Sc. Jadranka Matesic (jealous of that Dr. title)

Living in Croatia - Odgovor

Nedavno je u CROWN-ovoj rubrici “opinions” objavljeno pismo Gdje. Matesic koje se, iako mozda zapoceto kao “opinion”, razvilo i zavrsilo kao neprimjerena i neorganizirana prodika. A prozvani u toj ostroj prodici su vise-manje svi Hrvati u dijaspori koji se nisu, odvazno poput nje same, pred dvije godine vratili u Hrvatsku.

Pismo zasluzuje osvrt radi jedinstvene kombinacije autoricine samodopadnosti i iritantnog prokazivanja.

Tako ce Gdja Matesic reci: “We who have been in the Diaspora and have returned to our homeland are the only ones making any real difference, or sacrifice personally, we are slogging it out, just as our forefathers did when they moved to an unknown country and started the process of networking and working together.”

Dakle, bas kao sto je autorica svoje domoljublje i odvaznost dokazala nedavnim povratkom u Hrvatsku, tako su njeni preci to isto dokazali - odlaskom iz Hrvatske.

Iz pisma nije jasno koliko je dugo autorica zivjela vani prije povratka u Hrvatsku, no kaze da sada u Hrvatskoj za zivot zaradjuje prodavanjem hrvatskih nekretnina strancima.

“I am in real estate full time now and I am ashamed to say that more EU people are buying apartments and homes in Zadar, Vir, Pag, etc than our own people…”

Gdja. Matesic se dakle u Hrvatsku vratila da bi tamo zaradjivala na jednom od danas najunosnijih poslova. Pritom se kaze srami sto ljudi kupuju ali se ne srami sto ona u tome, poput podvodaca, posreduje.

U isto vrijeme omalovazava i prilicno ostro napada one koji ne slijede njene junacke stope:

“… I am losing respect for those in the diaspora, but for a few...”

Razocarana je, eto, svima koji se nisu poput nje, nedavno dobro situirani vratili u Hrvatsku, da bi tamo kapitalizirali na necemu sto je u razvijenim drzavama nemoguce (poput situacije da stranci kupuju vise nekratnina nego domaci).

Omalovazavanje rada ljudi u dijaspori ide u ovom cudnovatom pismu dalje a zatim slijedi Sokratsko pitanje: Kako pomiriti dijasporu i domovinsku Hrvatsku?:

“I did not see Brenda's film, but I do believe a documentary here and there is good work, and not disect its intentions. But lets leave it for what it is, not give it names, and let's move on to topics that are important to unpolarise Croatians abroad and those at home.”

Nakon citanja pisma ove povratnice cini mi se da Hrvati u domovini imaju potpuno pravo ako rade kao sto Gdja. Matesic tvrdi da je slucaj: "Croatians here like to spread these rumours as it serves the purpose of keeping returning Croatians suspicious of returning home. They do have a hidden agenda...and I feel it is this...with more Croatians returning home...their inheritances will be smaller."

Autorica i njen rad u Hrvatskoj su dokaz za to tvrdnju. A njeno naizgled kontradiktorno pismo postaje smisleno tek sa zadnjom recenicom koja je u stvari reklamni slogan:
“Visit for the latest listings in the Zadar region”

Imaju li Hrvati povratnici kakav popust u brokerskom udjelu ako kupe preko domoljubne Panadrije ili je on isti za sve dobrodosle, imucnije zapadnjake? Odnosno imaju li prodavatelji kakav popust ako prodaju domacima / Hrvatima povratnicima ili npr. nekom Ruskom tajkunu?

Na kraju bih zakljucio komentarom na jednu od niza omalovazavajucih poruka Gdje Matesic: “Your political observations, while astute, really do not help the economics and culture of this country one iota.”
Vase je pismo gospodjo, ovoj - inace potpuno netocnoj tvrdnji - dalo puni smisao.

Dr. Zdeslav Hrepic


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