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(E) A person with a conviction IS A MAJORITY
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/23/2005 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) A person with a conviction IS A MAJORITY


A person with a conviction IS A MAJORITY

Yesterday's newspaper is used primarily to wrap today's fish with it

Hi, you all,

Mr. Marko Mijat has made the proper suggestion. The only correct answer
to any erroneous info should be given by official representatives of the
Croatian government, which has credibility and power to do good and
responsibility to prevent harm. Ergo, whatever is discovered ought to be
brought immediately to their attention.

Even God cannot change History (only historians do), so why spend the
valuable energy on the "last year snows". Most Americans do not know
nothing about Croatia, and even less about Jasenovac and many other
historical events connected to Croatia. If people, you know, respect you
personally, they will believe your version of the historical detail,
trust me on that.

Some among us developed theory that "Croats are just not liked in the
world (contrary to Serbs for example)". This is patently wrong notion
which just reinforces legendary "Croatian inferiority complex". It is
more likely that the other Countries do not CARE about us, until we
prove that we could be a powerful ally to them. (Remember how Churchill
conveniently discarded Draza Mihajlovic in favor of Tito in 1943?). Kako
nas narod kaze: "Ko je jaci, taj kvaci!

Being alert to media is a wise strategy however one must keep in mind
the old maxim: "Do not argue with the person who buys the ink by the
barrel". Furthermore, yesterday's newspaper is used primarily to wrap
today's fish with it.

Those of us who care about Croatia's future, should focus their scarce
energies to our FUTURE and not constantly dwell on our past. We, all
together, do represent quite a formidable force, (if we were just smart
enough to get organized). It is very romantic to act like a "Caballero
De La Triste Figura", but it is so damn inefficient.

Do not worry if there are only few of us. A person with a conviction IS
A MAJORITY! Lech Walesa stated that in two decades, when fighting
Communism, he was able to attract only 10 people to his Movement. Within
a year of the visit of the Pope to Poland, his Solidarnosc grew to 10
million people. Croatia needs a similarly charismatic "Karol Wojtila"
and s/he is somewhere, I am convinced of that, waiting for the right

Be well, do good job and stay in touch!

Franjo Radosevic


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