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(E) Contrary to what many intellectuals think
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/9/2005 | Opinions | Unrated
(E) Contrary to what many intellectuals think


Dominant leftist media ushers in 'Croatian Deafness' era in Croatia

(In California, USA)

Contrary to what many intellectuals in Croatia and some individuals in the HDZ's hierarchy may think, there is press freedom in Croatia . In fact, it's been so since Croatia 's independence - despite what nay-sayers said, domestically and internationally, during Tudjman's mandate. Interestingly, the Croatian detractors, for the most part, were media people exercising press freedom without hindrance.

But press freedom in Croatia now has a different meaning. The mainstream media, such as, Jutarnji List, Globus (both owned by Germany's VAZ); Vecernji List (owned by Austria's Styria); and Croatian Television (HRT) (run by directors who were appointed for four years by former Prime Minister Ivica Racan just before he left office) freely express what they wish - as long as it conforms to the agendas of the owners or directors.

Except for HRT, they are mainly leftist European orientated concerns, but all carry the George Soros' mind set. Political parties or individuals they deem unacceptable are sharply criticized and not given a forum. Anything the HDZ has accomplished, no matter how righteous or noteworthy, is negatively or ill reported.

Each passing day the perspective in Croatia is characterized as worsening, getting economically poorer, and without prospect of a future. The reality is that during the present HDZ government the Gross National Product has been rising yearly by 3-5 %, the unemployment rate has been dropping, and for the first time exports have exceeded imports.

Average salaries have increased by 5% while cost of living has increase only by 2%. The media is loathe to report about these statistics because local elections are pending and they wish to keep the public in the dark about the present government's success.

Instead the media has been the lambasting the government for the rise in unemployment of the last quarter. They, however, fail to say that this is a normal seasonal variation. In contrast, the present government has 2% less unemployment than did the same season under the Racan government.

Reporting about the independence movement and the Tudjman era, including the Homeland War, is largely forgotten or clouded in mist. During the last five years HRT devoted a mere 30 minutes to the Homeland War! But stories on alleged Croatian 'war criminals' have been reported upon ad infinitum.

The only exposure the average Croatian has to 'news' emanates from a press owned by foreign companies whose ideas are fostered on Croatian citizens.

Doubtless there will be a flurry of criticism from the media about the HDZ's failure for Croatia to be accepted by the European Union [EU]. But the March 17th rejection was a blessing in disguise for Croatia . Acceptance would have been disastrous to Croatia 's economy.

While Croatia 's market is relatively wide open to international business already, there are restraining stipulations. Membership would give EU countries carte blanche in Croatia , but it will not be a reciprocal arrangement. Croatia is viewed only as a consumer entity and labor source. Its goods would not be able to compete in the EU market.

Britain 's Foreign Office minister Denis MacShane has done everything in his power to bastardize Croatia in its bid for membership status. Membership into the EU before Serbia would tacitly acknowledge a military and political victory for Croatia . Countries who were philosophically against Croatia will not allow this--especially Great Britain , followed by Finland and other anti-Catholic coalition states. The EU, heeding England 's advice, is using General Gotovina as an excuse. But, if he surrenders they would find another excuse.

No other candidate to the EU has been strapped with as many stipulations than has Croatia - most certainly not Serbia . For example, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia [ICTY] has demanded certain preconditions for Croatia .

Despite meeting 625 demands out of 626 ordered by the Tribunal, the ICTY continues to chastise Croatia for its uncooperative position.

The EU's major problem is the bludgeoning Muslim population. Recently the British government seriously proposed that Croatia become a 'refugee center' for immigrants who desire to settle in EU countries. The Dutch are particularly keen on this.

There is no question, as a prerequisite for Croatia 's entry, it would have to freely accept Muslims into its workforce and as quasi immigrants. Those countries with 'excess' Muslim population would have a convenient place to 'park' their problems, which would open a real Pandora's box for Croatia .

EU membership will result in a loss of Croatia 's newly found self governing. The EU have the right to dictate in internal affairs of a country if they perceive it is not working in the EU's interests. The big players, like Germany , France , and Great Britain obviously are exempt, since they 'own' the EU.

New member states will have to compromise national interests in the name of the European Union. During the next 18 months eleven countries will hold referendums to draft a constitutional treaty, which includes the EU's right to enter into treaties for the new member states.

A high functionary of the HDZ government said the reason Croatia jumped through hoops to fulfill every EU stipulation was of a misguided notion that membership would in some way distance Croatia from the Balkan or Serbian mentality.

The future of Croatia is predicated upon England 's longstanding prejudice.

As one British communiquƩ stated: 'If Croatia enters into the EU it would mean that we lost the First World War!'

They are using every means to hold Croatia in the same category as Serbia and Montenegro . Croatia has the misfortune to have Croatian leftists, who didn't participate in the Homeland war but kept their fingers crossed, who are working on that goal.

Croatia has a propensity of being a nation rich in slogans. Once the 'Croatian Spring' was crushed it resulted in the 'Croatian Silence' that lasted until independence. Now that the media dictates Croatian thought, this era should be properly called the 'Croatian Deafness'.

At one time the Communist Party muzzled the media, now it's the media muzzling Croatian expression. Ironically, the slant of the media is, in many ways, worse than it was during the days of pre-war Yugoslavia.


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