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(E) INA in Kosova
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/22/2003 | News | Unrated
(E) INA in Kosova
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Our companies have property in Kosovo

Kosovo commends Croatia's involvement, 
especially in the economy sector

EVENING NEWS 21.1.2003. Croatian Television
President Mesic Meets With UN Representatives to Kosovo
Pacifying the situation in Kosovo and the entire region is 
in the interest of Croatia, which has economic interests in 
this area, Croatian President Stjepan Mesic said after a meeting 
with representatives of the UN Mission to Kosovo in Zagreb Tuesday. 
"We want a peaceful situation in the region which will allow 
for better cooperation. This includes Kosovo where we want the 
law-based state to function because we have economic interests 
there. Our companies have property in Kosovo," Mesic said. The 
meeting was attended by representatives of Croatia's oil company 
INA, which, apart from having property in the Yugoslav province, 
is interested in embarking upon new enterprises there. "Croatia 
is a friendly nation which follows the development of events 
which are difficult in Kosovo. Kosovo commends Croatia's involvement, 
especially in the economy sector," UN Mission chief Michael 
Steiner said after the meeting. Commenting on the talks, Steiner 
said both Croatia's and Kosovo's mutual interests had been presented 
- the wish for re-kindling of economic cooperation. He stressed 
that the Croatian president had accepted his invitation to visit 
Kosovo, which would help in additionally stimulate economic 

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