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(E) Croatia claims new big breakfast record
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/20/2003 | News | Unrated
(E) Croatia claims new big breakfast record


Croatia claims new big breakfast record

Croatian Guinness Book of World Records

19 Oct 2003 13:45:54 GMT

ZAGREB, Oct 19 (Reuters) - Some 38,000 Croatians ate corn mush, yoghurt and an
apple on Sunday in a big breakfast attempt to enter the record books for the most
people sitting down to their first meal of the day at one time.

At least 38,665 people took part in the breakfast that was staged
simultaneously on more than 200 locations in a dozen Croatian cities, organizers said.

The current breakfast record in the Guinness Book of World Records was set on
October 13, 2001 in Taiwan when 23,291 people consumed 5,670 liters of milk
and 1,920 kilograms of bread.

"According to the first preliminary results, at least 38,665 participated in
this action," said Lidija Tomljenovic on behalf of the main organizer, the
Zagreb School for Public Health.

The official results will be known in two days, she added.

The "Biggest Breakfast-Croatian Breakfast" lasted an hour on Sunday morning
and participants had to consume corn mush, a yoghurt and an apple. Only those
who ate full breakfast could be registered for the record.

"Our aim was to set a record to make people happy. But what matters more is
for people to realize how important it is to eat healthy food and never to skip
a breakfast," organizer Stipe Oreskovic told Reuters.

Organizers said they would now send all necessary documentation and witness
reports to the Guinness Book of Records headquarters in London for confirmation
of the results.

ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) -- Thousands of Croats took part Sunday in a mass, nationwide breakfast in hopes of breaking a Guinness world record held by Taiwan.

Croatian officials said 38,660 Croats ate polenta, yogurt and apple during an hourlong breakfast than began at 9 a.m. in 11 cities -- more than 15,000 more than in Taiwan in 2001. The authorities of the Guinness Book of Records have yet to issue a ruling.

"We have to promote our country any way we can," said 49-year-old Olga Caldarevic, who ate with her husband and two children in a tent set up at the Zagreb's main square. "Besides, it's good food."

Croatia, an agricultural and tourist country of 4.5 million people, also aimed to promote healthy and local foods and to stress the importance of breakfast for a healthy lifestyle, said Stipe Oreskovic, the head of the state-run institution for promotion of health which organized the event.

Private sponsors and local governments paid for the event, estimated to cost up to 4 million kuna ($615,000.)

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