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(E) Dirty Thousand and Two
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/11/2004 | News | Unrated
(E) Dirty Thousand and Two


Dirty Thousand and Two

How to win a war where the enemy refuses to play by the rules? Find a
soldier who does not give a damn about them either.

The US is training 1000 Serb elite paramilitary troops, who were last
time engaged in ethnic cleansing operations in Kosovo in 1999, for
anti-terrorist duties in Afghanistan.
While the use of ostensibly
anti-Muslim fighters in a Muslim country could be seen as a
provocation, Afghans are not behaving friendly to any foreign

Interestingly, to avoid compunctions about ICC, thousand Serbs are
not going to be under NATO command in Kabul, but directly under the
US command.


A 25 year old Swedish man of Serbian birth has admitted the murder of
Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lind in a Stockhom department store in
2003. ZDF Television, quoting Swedish media, reported in its Nacht
Magazin that Mihajl Mihajlovic held a grudge against the minister
following her outspoken support for NATO's actions against Serbia in
1999. Mihajlovic's lawyer claims his client is mentally disturbed.

This is an important reminder that terrorism and despair are not just
a province of Arab Muslim extremists. And that there always is some
socio-political background to any act of political violence.


Zivota Konstantinovic, former Serbian soldier who admittedly
participated in ethnic cleansing of Croatians, is arrested in Miami and
awaiting deportation. Not clear where is he going to be deported to,
though. Shouldn't he face charges for his alleged involvement in
torture and related offenses?

Ivo Skoric

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