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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/18/2001 | Media Watch | Unrated
New Books 
Eterovich, Adam S. Croatians in California, 1849-1999. San Carlos, Ca: 
Ragusan Press, 2000. 640 Pages. Gold Rush pioneers, the wild west-saloons, 
restaurants, farms, orchards, vineyards, fishermen, music, celebrations, 
societies, churches and 1000's of individuals. $30.00. 
Eterovich, Adam S. and Simich, Jerry L. General Index to Croatian Pioneers in 
California, 1849-1999. San Carlos, Ca.: Ragusan Press, 2000. 370 Pages. An 
Index by Name, Date, Occupation or Activity, Location, Town of Origin and 
Reference Source. Abstracted from cemeteries, voting registers, census, 
society records church records and other source. 45,000 indIviduals. 
Includes marriage groups. $30.00. 
Although the Southern United States had Croatians immigrants as early as 
1760, they did not organize newspapers, benevolent societies or musical 
groups. It was the Croatian immigrants in the American West that had a 
continuity of Croatian organizations starting in the 1850’s. The oldest 
Croatian newspapers, social organizations, musical groups in America are 
found in California. 
A major accomplishment of this study was to properly identify Croatian 
immigrants as Croatians from Croatia. From 1849 to 1999 almost all Croatians 
in California were recorded on official documents as Austrian, Turkish, 
Italian, Hungarian, Yugoslav and locally as Slavonians. Reading this book 
will leave one with the impression that they were and are Croatians. Very 
little reference is made to a person having come from Austria, Yugoslavia etc 
as a country, and when reference was found of such, it was changed to Croatia 
. The author endeavored to identify the immigrant’s exact place of birth, if 
possible. Most came from Dalmatia and Istria. Identification was most 
difficult from 1849-1900 due to misspelling of names by American Census 
takers, Voting Registers, Cemeteries and other official records. 
The study covers Croatian religious, music, sports and media activities in 
California and gold rush pioneers, the wild west, saloons, restaurants, 
farms, orchards, vineyards, fishermen, music, celebrations, societies, 
churches and 1000’s of individuals. It also includes 803 Biographies, 115 
Illustrations and a Bibliography of over 1000 entries. 
The Index is by Name, Date, Occupation or Activity, Location, Town of Origin 
and Reference Source and was abstracted from cemeteries, voting registers, 
census, society records, church records and other sources. Includes 45,000 
individuals-family groups. 
Adam S. Eterovich 2527 
San Carlos Ave. 
San Carlos, CA 94070 
Za vasu informaciju mi smo provjerili i zakljucili da Globe Kompanija je 
najkvalitetnija i pruza najbolje cijene u Americi. Nazovite vas telefonski 
broj direktno i ne placate ekstra mjsecno za tu uslugu. Mozete zvati 24 sata 
na dan uz istu cijenu. 
Cijena za Hrvatsku, Bosnu i Hercegovinu je samo .23 centa po minuti. Nazovite 
Globe Companiju besplatno: 
Telefonski broj 1-800-935-2429. 
Novim musterijama nudimo bespalatno Grbove (u boji 8X11) iz Hrvatske, 
Dalmacije, Slavonije, Istre ili Zagreba. Mi razumujemo i govorimo hrvatski. 
Adam S. Eterovich 
distributed by CROWN (Croatian World Net) - 
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