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(E) CAA newsletter-for the full letter
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/18/2001 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) CAA newsletter-for the full letter
Dear All, 
If you are interested in the complete and realy well done newsletter, please 
email Mr. Frank Brozovic ( and ask him for the pdf file 
(Acrobat Reader). CROWN is not forwarding attachments, as of now. When we 
establish website, we will post letters like this. Job well done CAA, 
Letter from the President 
Dear Fellow Croatian Americans: 
We are all moved by the devastating and tragic events of September 11th. 
On behalf of the Croatian American Association, the Executive Board would 
like to express our deep sympathy to the families and friends of the dead 
and injured during the terrorist attacks. As America has been tragically 
damaged by the loss of so many, we consider ourselves, as good Americans, 
to be among the wounded. We wish the President God’s speed in his work 
to heal the nation in his pursuit of justice and suitable punishment. 
In these trying times, we must also continue to keep the faith with our fellow 
Croats in BiH and Croatia. 
In a letter to CAA, Ante Jelavic, President of Hrvatski Narodni Sabor of 
BiH, thanked us for all our past support for the Croats of BiH. It is his 
profound hope that we will continue to support the Croats of BiH. In his 
words, our support is so important to their battle for survival in the land in 
which they have lived for centuries. 
And now I would like to inform you of the recent efforts of the CAA on 
behalf of the Croats of BiH: 
Just this year, the CAA founded the Foreign Press Office (FPO) in Mostar. 
It was FPO personnel who first alerted the foreign press corps of the SFOR 
raid on the Hercegovacka Banka in Mostar. As you may know, several 
reporters in the international press have characterized this raid as the 
“Great Bank Heist” or “Robbery”. Now, when reporters come to BiH, they 
routinely check with the FPO to get the Croatian perspective before reporting 
a story. The FPO also issues daily news releases of events in BiH. 
The Croatian American Association, along with the Croatian Catholic 
Union, was instrumental in securing the testimony of Cardinal Vinko Puljic 
and Bishop Ratko Peric at a recent House International Relations 
Committee hearing. The reports from BiH are that the hearing, more than 
other single event, helped better the political fortunes of the Croats of 
Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
The CAA also initiated and is financing the suit filed by four BiH Croat 
women against the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe 
for disenfranchisement of the Croat electorate. 
With your help, the CAA will continue to fight for justice and equality for 
the Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina and for justice in Croatia. 
Together, we can make a difference. 
Frank Brozovich, DDS 
National Officers 
President, Frank Brozovich 
First Vice President, Tom Kuzmanovic 
Regional Vice Presidents, Joe Mandic, 
Radoslav Maric, Jerko Sumera 
Secretary, Margie Lisnich Cikoch 
Assistant Secretary, Janice Jakela 
Treasurer, Steve Zakic 
Executive Board 
John Didovic 
Lidija Dorkin Grahovac 
Ilija Letica, Honorary President 
Mate Mihaljevic 
Melchoir Masina 
Vedran Nazor 
Pero Novak 
Anthony Peraica, Honorary President 
Stan Raguz 
Roy Sender 
Bob Terzich 
Ivo Svircic 
Ante Vukov 
Washington, D.C. Address 
2020 PA Avenue, NW #287 
Washington, DC 20006 
Phone: 202-429-5543 
Fax: 202-429-5543 
Chicago Address 
3339 S. Halsted Street 
Chicago, IL 60608 
Phone: 773-927-2999 
A CAA Publication Nov 2001 Vol. 11 No. 4 
distributed by CROWN (Croatian World Net) - 
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