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(E) Squeaking wheel gets the oil - we can change things. It's possible
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/25/2001 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) Squeaking wheel gets the oil - we can change things. It's possible
Can I just say the following via Croworld: 
My thanks to everyone who has contacted me over the BBC Vukovar scandal. I 
have never been able to say defending Croatia is a thankless task and that 
certainly is not the case now. The gratitude does energise me. So different 
from local politics! Truly, the Croats are well worth defending. 
I shall be writing an article on the whole experience, and its implications. 
One darker thing to consider is that the BBC portrayal of Croatia in the 
first and second report will have gone down well with certain interests in 
Croatia. It is no coincidence, I fear, that there is no official response to 
things such as this or other matters. I understand even worse has been 
screened on the BBC of late. A separate article will lay my cards out on 
what I mean. 
Please have a look at how the Lithuanians deal with rubbish: 
Good for them! Now, why can't Zagreb do the same on much worse matters? 
Really just incompetence? 
My advice to everyone is to email media outlets when something upsetting 
appears. The more we sting, the more cautious people will be in writing on 
the Croats. Others also wrote to the BBC on Vukovar; they were stung, hence 
the hurried production of a sympathetic report. 
In such a way we can change things. It is possible. 
Brian Gallagher 
100% agree. That is the reason of CROWN existence. To change things on 
better. And you certainly did your part so far. If there is a smart man or 
woman that leads, follow them. On that note please check "how the Lithuanians 
deal with..." (Click Here: <A 
669000/1669020.stm">BBC News | MEDIA REPORTS | Baltic upset over US…</A>) and 
if we DO respond on every literate and illiterate provocation, soon we can be 
more proactive. One doesn't exclude the other, but it certainly helps to be 
more free of constantly defending yourself. Thanks again Brian. It's an honor 
knowing you. I will also use this opportunity and ask number of people who 
are constantly emailing to each other and at the same time carbon copying 
everybody else to STOP that. I am for freedom of expression, but not for 
abuse of the given opportunities. This is the 3rd year of CROWN and it's 
existence is valuable to us who DO understand it's value. I am happy to 
follow the leads of smart people and am willing to put them in front of me 
any given moment. They are never a threat, but opposite. Mediocrity is threat 
to us. Thanks Brian and Davor and Marko and Hilda and all of you who 
contribute for our well being. We are stronger every day and it is gonna be 
better and easier. On that optimistic note, I promise to put CROWN on the WEB 
very soon. 
distributed by CROWN (Croatian World Net) - 
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