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(E) Victory over the BBC - It shows that resistance works
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/25/2001 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) Victory over the BBC - It shows that resistance works
I think my emails to the BBC have had an effect, look: 
A solid improvement over the previous stuff, which was indefensible. The old 
articles are still there, and I suspect the article was commissioned for 
"balance" and to cover bottom. 
The change of tone is not, I suspect coincidence. Apart from Phil Magas (CIO) 
and myself I suspect others complained. 
I think my quote from the Milosevic Croatia indictment of his propaganda 
against the Croats (ie Croats are fascists) may have had an effect on them. 
This could be key in countering fascist allegations; by pointing out such 
comments were used to justify atrocities against civilians as mentioned in a 
war crimes indictment. You put people on the back foot that way. 
Here is the para if anyone wants to use it: 
"26 m) controlled, contributed to, or otherwise utilised Serbian state-run 
media outlets to manipulate Serbian public opinion by spreading exaggerated 
and false messages of ethnically based attacks by Croats against Serb people 
in order to create an atmosphere of fear and hatred among Serbs living in 
Serbia and Croatia. The propaganda generated by the Serbian media was an 
important tool in contributing to the perpetration of crimes in Croatia. " 
What this shows is that resistance works. 
I shall write an article on this affair, pulling together my thoughts. 
Tommorrow the BBC may publish something worse than before. 
But today we have scored a small victory. I shall have a small glass of wine 
to celebrate tonight. And I invite you all to do the same. 
And I shall give some thought to the victims of Vukovar, because they 
deserved better from the BBC and also because a great many people would 
prefer they never be thought of. 
Brian Gallagher 
Congratulations !!! 
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