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(E) Wolfgang Petrisch's article in NYT - John Kraljic's response
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/25/2001 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) Wolfgang Petrisch's article in NYT - John Kraljic's response
Wolfgang Petrsich had a piece in today's NY Times Op-Ed page. This is my response. 
John Kraljic 
To the Editor: 
    Wolfgang Petrisch's claims concerning the recovery of Bosnia and 
Herzegovina reflect the Potemkin village like quality of his tenure as 
High Representative. Contrary to Mr. Petrisch's beliefs, his role 
should not be to promote a multiethnic Bosnia and Herzegovina but a 
democratic, law-abiding society where the rights of the three 
constituent nations comprising Bosnia and Herzegovina are respected. 
    This has certainly not been the case when it comes to the Croats 
of that country. Mr. Petrisch denied them their rights to elect their 
own representatives by engineering the elections to candidates more 
favorable to him. His decision to employ armed forces to allegedly stem 
corruption at a local Croat-owned bank while indicted Serb war criminals 
such as Radovan Karadzic remain free within the country reflects the 
OHR's skewed priorities. 
    That Mr. Petrisch's actions as OHR favor certain ethnic groups 
over others is reflected upon an analysis of the very same refugee 
returns which Mr. Petrisch touts which show that most returns continue 
to occur in the Muslim-Croat Federation. Hundreds of thousands of 
Muslim and Croat refugees can only dream that possibly within their 
lifetimes they may travel back to their homes in ethnically cleansed 
Republika Srpska. 
Very truly yours, 
John Peter Kraljic 
National Federation of Croatian Americans 
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