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(E) PRESS RELEASE - Croatian Information Office London
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/2/2001 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) PRESS RELEASE - Croatian Information Office London
A small amount of effort can achieve a lot... for a while the BBC had been 
publishing stories about Croatia with links to their special report on 
Yugoslavia (i.e. post-Milosevic Serbia) and also linking to the BBC World 
Service in Serbian. Philip Magas of the CIO sent an e-mail questioning these 
links to Croatian stories. Here is the response: 
Dear Mr Magas 
Thank you for your email and the point you raise. 
I have added our World Service Croatian news to the links on the 
story, and it should now appear on all future versions. 
The original Serbian link was added because it was on a mini-section 
dedicated to Milosevic himself, and absolutely not because we in any way 
fail to respect Croatia or any other ex-Yugoslav state as independent 
WIth thanks again, and best wishes 
BBC News Online 
<A HREF=" 
hm___action=http%3a%2f%2fnews%2ebbc%2eco%2euk%2f"></A> ; 
<A HREF=" 
----Original Message----- 
From: CIO London [mailto:<A 
Sent: 14 November 2001 23:29 
To: NewsOnline 
Dear Sir/Madam, 
Why is it the link to World Service news on the 
story about a Yugoslav general in the Hague over the bombing of the Croatian 
city of Dubrovnik is only for BBC News in Serbian? 
Why not BBC News in Croatian? 
Croatia is no longer a part of Yugoslavia and hasn't 
been for a decade, but you only seem interested in the "Future of 
Yugoslavia" and pay little attention to Croatia or Bosnia as nations in 
their own right. 
Philip Magas 
CIO London 
E-mail from the 
distributed by CROWN (Croatian World Net) - 
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