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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/22/2002 | Media Watch | Unrated
Dear colleagues, clients, investors, funders, and friends:Did you know that less than one-quarter of America's private firms honor Martin Luther King Jr. by CLOSING on the NATIONAL HOLIDAY in his name? Globalvision is of course among them, and we took the time off to ponder the legacy of Dr. King, catch our breath, and offer this short update on what our independent media company is doing as we move through our 15th year mere survival being an achievement itself in these volatile media times. We're proud to report that Globalvision is still alive, kickin' hard... and driven by a renewed sense of mission.NEW IN 2002:GLOBALVISION NEW MEDIA INC.*In April, our New Media subsidiary launches the GLOBALVISION NEWS NETWORK, an international news-and information syndication service offering "inside-out" news and perspectives from hundreds of credible partners worldwide. Visit our website, for more on how you can subscribe and support this initiative in promoting diverse news for a changing world. The network will use the WorldWideWeb as a delivery vehicle but is not a web site venture. Contact Globalvision President Rory O'Connor for more on this emerging, promising and innovative commercial enterprise. For press accounts from leading publications allover the world on GV's latest initiative,see:*Our now has 870 affiliates and has become the world's largest not for profit online media issues network with 70 advisors in 63 countries including Walter Cronkite. We offer daily media news and analysis from News Dissector Danny Schechter,'s executive editor. Click on to visit the site and be sure to sign up for the free weekly update on MediaChannel's global offerings.GLOBALVISION, INC.MEANWHILE, GLOBALVISION NEW MEDIA'S parent film and video company, Globalvision, INC., continues to break ground as a leader in independent documentary and news program production.*NEW GLOBALVISION FILM HAILED AT SUNDANCE:Our new film "We Are Family," a response by 200 artists and actors to the events of 9/11, (directed by Danny Schechter) received a standing ovation at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival, America's premiere showcase for indepdendent. Our film and its rousing reception received considerable news attention, including live interviews on CNN, feature stories on the Sundance Channel, articles on the Associated Press wire, and many well-known TV entertainment programs. Have a look for yourself:,8424,CAT0-1821-CAT1-1825-CAT2-1 987-POS-0-CLR-yellow-BCLR-FFCC33-VID-1938-,00.html 81191&ei=1&en=ecd930686c9942c8*GLOBALVISION VIDEO TO AIR AT WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. Our colleagues at Anant Singh's company Videovision have chosen Globalvision to produce the opening video for the World Economic Form annual meeting before 200 business and civic leaders in New York this year. The video is called "THE DARKEST HOUR IS JUST BEFORE DAWN," and offers inspirational perspectives.*AT THE OLYMPICS: Once again, Globalvision is producing video profiles of the winners of the Annual Reebok Human Rights award....This year's videos will be shown at a special ceremony in Salt City during the Winter Olympics. This is the llth year that Globalvision has been hired to produce these tributes to OUTSTANDING young leaders under the age of 30. The Olympics itself has expressed an interest in screening WE ARE FAMILY.*COMBATTING AIDS: Globalvision's video "NKOSI: Voice of Africa's Aids Orphans" is being screened on PBS stations nationwide in February. It aids twice on New York's Channel 13 ( Feb. 13, 12 Midnight; 2/17, 2:30-3 PM). We also completed a third video for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP on the work of AMICAL, a local alliance of African Mayors and local leaders combatting Aids. The latest spotlights the work of local choirs in Swaziland who are helping to educate people about THE raging epidemic. A new anti-AIDS film, "SPEAK UP YOUNG AFRICA," is also underway as a callaboration with two African doctors who believe it is urgent to create programming to motivate African youth, who are most at risk.*IN PRODUCTION*"The Hole in the Wall" a new film about an innovative computer experiment in India that one day mau eliminate the 'digital divide' THAT is being directed by Rory O'Connor and new GV associate GIL ROSSELLINI, who is based in Rome and New Delhi.*"Counting on Democracy," an investigation into the untold story of voting irregularities in the 200 Presidential Elections, resumes production in February with Danny Schechter directing.These are just the highlights of Globalvision's current project and programming agenda. We welcome your interest and backing. Sustaining independent media is crucial in this peRiod.Globalvision is always seeking meaningful projects, and we welcome your work referrals or inquiries. Let us show you how Globalvision can help you tell your story.All of our best for the news year,RORY O'CONNOR, DANNY SCHECHTER, KELLY SHEEHAN, JOHN KIRBY and the Globalvision crew.PS. GENTRIFICATION ALERT. Our offices will soon become casualties of the "Disneyfication" of Times Square: We have just learned that we will be forced to relocate by year's end and welcome any tips or suggestions for equally affordable office space in Manhattan.Danny SchechterExecutive Editor Mediachannel.orghttp://www.mediachannel.orgExecutive Producer, Globalvision.Inc1600 Broadway, #700 NY NY 10019 USA212-246-0202distributed by CROWN - - CroWorldNet@aol.comNotice: This e-mail and the attachments are confidential information.If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail and the attachments is strictly prohibited and violators will be held to the fullest possible extent of any applicable laws governing electronic Privacy. If you have received this e-mail in error please immediately notify the sender by telephone or e-mail, and permanently delete this e-mail and any attachments.
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