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(E) What does it take for a country like Croatia to be "news worthy?"
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/14/2002 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) What does it take for a country like Croatia to be
Hi Nenad, 
In response to some of the comments generated by NBC's biased broadcast of 
the most watched opening of the Winter Olympic ceremonies in history, I have 
to agree that NBC needs to re think their portrayal of American ideals. 
America is the ONLY place in the world where ethnicities, religions, 
nationalities from all around the world can come together and live in decent 
harmony. Why NBC has decided to ignore some of the other nationalities in 
the world (Croatia being one of them) is quite mystifying. 
Was not Croatia the country that placed itself on the media map by winning 
third place in the previous World Cup? Was not Croatia (in the hands of 
Goran Ivanesevic) the holder of the Wimbledon title this past summer? Was 
not Croatia a country that found itself in a dreadful struggle for 
independence during the last decade? Is not Croatia the home country to 
some of the most successful business men in the United States and world? 
What does it take to get a country like Croatia to be "news worthy?" 
The success stories that come out of such a small country that has struggled 
through years of war and economic difficulties should in fact be incredibly 
inspiring to people across all borders. The odds that these people were up 
against would seem insurmountable to the average American who has been 
fortunate enough to live in what many foreigners describe as "the land of 
opportunity". NBC, as a representation and example of American media, 
should rethink it's choices to "ignore" smaller countries that in their eyes 
seem insignificant. It is an embarrassing portrayal of ignorance that 
unfairly associates itself with American culture as a whole. 

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