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(E) NGO's
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/4/2002 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) NGO's
Subj:Bloody NGO's 
"Get knotted" would the British reaction to such people. 
Croatian, Bosnian, Yugoslav NGOs advocate free trade zone 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Feb 28, 2002 
Text of report in English by Croatian news agency HINA 
Zagreb, 28 February: The Igman Initiative, a project launched by three NGOs from Croatia, Bosnia and Yugoslavia, briefed reporters in Zagreb on Thursday [28 February] about its work and proposals for the establishment of a free trade zone in the Dayton triangle and the revocation of visa requirements in this region. 
An expert team of the initiative proposes the harmonization of bilateral free trade agreements between Croatia, Bosnia and Yugoslavia, and the establishment of mechanisms to follow their implementation. 
The three countries should sign the agreements by the end of the year, which will be an important step in the establishment of a free trade zone throughout South Eastern Europe. 
Agreements have already been signed between Croatia and Bosnia and between Bosnia and Yugoslavia. Croatia and Yugoslavia should sign one soon. 
The expert team also proposes introducing a no-visa regime between the three countries. 
The Croatia-Yugoslavia visa regime is one of the most rigid and should be at least alleviated, or abolished for at least some categories of people, said Aleksandar Popov of the Novi Sad Centre for Regionalism. 
The Bosnia-Yugoslavia visa regime has been abolished, and between Bosnia and Croatia it never existed. 
The Igman Initiative was established in November 2000 in Zagreb. It was initiated by three non-governmental organizations - the Citizens' Committee on Human Rights from Zagreb, the Democratic Alternative from Sarajevo and the Centre for Regionalism from Novi Sad. Currently the Initiative includes more than 100 various NGOs from Croatia, Bosnia, and Yugoslavia. 
The project was named in memory of a group of NGO activists from Serbia and Montenegro who crossed the mountain Igman in April 1995 to reach Sarajevo, at the time shelled and surrounded. Their action was a protest against the madness of war. 
The goal of the Igman Initiative is reconciliation, the establishment and normalization of relations in politics, economy, and culture between Croatia, Bosnia, and Yugoslavia, and the introduction of European standards in relations in the entire region, in view stepping up its integration with Euro-Atlantic structures. 
Source: HINA news agency, Zagreb, in English 1851 gmt 28 Feb 02 
/BBC Monitoring/ © BBC. All Material Subject to Copyright 
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