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(E) Milosevic trial - film use protest
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/6/2002 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) Milosevic trial - film use protest
Letters to the Editor 
The New York Times 
New York, NY. 
March 5, 2002 
Dear Editor: 
The news article about Milosevic's trial (March 2) mentions that Mr. 
Bogdanic, the Serb director of the so-called "documentary" film: 
"Yugoslavia, the Avoidable War" protested Milosevic's selective use of 
the film as part of his defense in his war crimes trial. 
Mr. Bogdanic's protests sound hollow, considering the content of his 
film which portrays the republics of former Yugoslavia , Slovenia, 
Croatia and Bosnia, as "armed separatists" which gave Milosevic the 
right to attack them. The historic facts of the events are quite 
different. The "armed separatists" were the ethnic Serbs in Croatia and 
Bosnia, incited by Milosevic and armed by the Yugo/Serb army in order to 
prevent the legitimate right of the Republics to secede. 
Far from the Republics' being "recognized too early", - a point made in 
Bogdanic's film, - it was more than shameful that it took the West six 
months of watching the vicious aggression on Croatia before acknowledging 
its legal right to independence. The "tragic breakup" was only tragic 
because of the aggression by Serbia, not because of the wish of the other 
Republics to be free of Serb domination. 
Hilda M. Foley 
National Federation of Croatian Americans 
13272 Orange Knoll 
Santa Ana, Ca. 92705 
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