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(E) TONIGHT on TV landmine awareness on WEST WING
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/27/2002 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) TONIGHT on TV landmine awareness on WEST WING
Dear Roots of Peace Supporters, 
Please watch this week's episode on THE WEST WING, as it features the dilemma of the landmine issue. This popular show is poised to raise national landmine awareness on this humanitarian issue. 
The attached e-mail from our Advisory Board Member Jerry White depicts further details. Please forward this information to your constituents. Thank you. 
Heidi Kuhn 
President & Founder 
Roots of Peace 
-----Original Message----- 
From: Landmine Survivors Network 
Subject: LSN urges you to watch this week's The West Wing on Wednesday 
From: Globalvision 
During my brief sabbatical from this log, I stopped in Northern 
California to meet with an exceptional woman and an exiting new peace 
initiative called ROOTS OF PEACE. This group was the brainchild of a 
San Rafael mom and former journalist named Heidi Kuhn who has 
mobilized her community behind a campaign to remove land mines that 
menace millions world wide. Heidi has found support from 400 
California vintners and Wine Companies under the slogan "MINES INTO 
VINES." It is a impressive undertaking that is already working at 
reclaiming land in the war torn areas of Croatia. It is a fabulous 
organizing model linking private, public and community institutions. 
Heidi writes this morning to urge Americans at least to watch the 
popular prime time dramatic series on NBC, WEST WING. It is on 
"Tune in to The West Wing on Wednesday, March 27. President Bartlet 
is confronted by a challenge to his leadership: will he step up to 
ban landmines and save thousands of innocent lives? In the time it 
takes to watch the show, somewhere in the world, 3 people 
"will step on a landmine. Some will lose arms and legs and others will die. 
"The Poet Laureate of America visits The West Wing and tries to 
persuade Bartlet to join the ban. In real life our President needs to 
hear from YOU. 
"The Bush administration is currently reviewing the United States 
policy on landmines, and a decision on this review is imminent. This 
is a historic opportunity for President Bush to courageously lead our 
country to a mine-safe world by banning landmines today. 
"Send President Bush an email. Time is running out. Let President 
Bush know that you believe landmines do more harm than good on the 
modern battlefield." 
Interesting isn't that an entertainment show is raising this issue 
while news programs and documentary series ignore it! That's a 
comment on media if there ever was one. 
Danny Schechter 
Executive Editor 
Executive Producer, Globalvision.Inc 
1600 Broadway, #700 NY NY 10019 USA 
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