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(E) Cool ... Croatia's Parliament live from the Internet
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/3/2002 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) Cool ... Croatia's Parliament live from the Internet


Cool ...Croatia's Parliament live from theInternet

C-SPAN brings history into classroom
By SHUVA RAHIM, News-Sun Staff Writer
Chris Bauer, a senior at Springfield South High School, was amazed when he learned he could see Croatia's Parliament live from the Internet. 

"Wow! Cool!" he said Monday during a lab session with representatives from the C-SPAN cable network. 

Bauer and others in his government class were among several students Monday who learned about the network's Web site,  

They got a glimpse of what's available on the cable network, which is part of the regular package offered by Time Warner Cable in the Springfield area. People can also see live what's going on C-SPAN 2 and C-SPAN 3, which are carried on a tier package by the cable company. 

The Webcasts of the stations are new this year and are part of an ongoing effort to introduce high school and college students to how they can get access to information about politics, history and other topics, said Dennis Baltimore, master control operator for C-SPAN. 

C-SPAN officials do a national bus tour that includes interactive features. But the bus was under maintenance Monday, causing network officials to go into the classroom instead. The tour usually targets places where C-SPAN doesn't have a strong presence. 

Students at South learned that "AA" in political lingo meant administrative assistant, not Alcoholics Anonymous, as many students initially thought. 

They also learned they could find information about the presidents, famous American authors and different policies. 

"Look at C-SPAN like you look at a library," Vanessa Melius, C-SPAN community relations representative, told students. 

The Web site is also a good resource for teachers, who she said usually don't have a lot of time to research information they want to teach. 

Pete Smith, who teaches American history and psychology, said the Web site offers his students a good review of what they've learned in class. C-SPAN's visit also meant some South teachers such as Smith would receive a six-foot wide, laminated poster titled, "C-SPAN's American Presidents Timeline." 

The poster showcases how long each president served, whether their career included military experience, and major events during their presidency, such as Sept. 11 and the World War II bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. 

The C-SPAN staff also reintroduced a contest in which students can win a trip to Washington{M4, D.C., by expressing their thoughts on public service. The topic this time is, "How do we balance civil liberties and national security to best serve the Common Good?" More information on the "Common Good" can be found     

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