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(E) Ina Jazic on Jeopardy
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/19/2003 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) Ina Jazic on Jeopardy
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Ina Jazic on Jeopardy Quiz TV show


Someone here at ASCAP noted a Jeopardy that was on a few weeks ago
and there was a young girl from Croatia who was a contestant on the show.
I have a video copy of the program, and Elinore below summed up the action.
Just something for your interest.

Trusting all is well, zdravo,


The girl's name is Ina Jazic, born in Zagreb, Croatia,
she lives in what sounded like Molinbrook, Ill. Hubert Humphrey Middleschool
she got to 2nd place at $18400. The leader was at $20400.
Final question: Name one of two sate capitals ending in U.
She bet everything and lost. Third kid ended up with $1. from $9800.
The leader got it right (Juneau/ Honolulu was the other one)and he ended up
with $36800. That is what I had written down at home. Didn't get a chance to look up the
city and make sure that was write. Also, I don't think they mentioned how
old she was or what grade but I may have missed that.

Elinore Chechak

If anyone knows Ina Jazic, please let us know. 

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