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(E) The Brief Future of NATO (?)
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/7/2004 | Media Watch | Unrated
(E) The Brief Future of NATO (?)


The Brief Future of NATO (?)

Wednesday July 07, 2004 (0106 PST)
Willard Payne

You can place your comments at the bottom. There are number of writings around the world about such topics and most of them have major flows in facts. I think that no matter how small the Newspaper/Emagazine is, that the truth should be spoken and published. This category is "Media Watch". When someone calls it "extremely ridiculous" and we call it "scream for freedom" there should be a civilized reaction. Microphone is yours. If you can not submit from this page, please go to the source page.

When NATO agreed to recognize the extremely ridiculous division of Yugoslavia in 1991 it sealed their fate. The following year Iran established relations with Croatia. Since then Iran has stated Croatia is our entry into Central Europe. Iran does not mean a cultural entry but a Jihad invasion assisted by Balkan people. That is the reason Germany sent to Poland Leopard tanks and the US agreed to help Poland upgrade her air force. The upgrading began a little more than a year ago. About two months ago Iran's Defense Minister Adm. Ali Shamkani visited Warsaw no doubt to look over Poland's new equipment.

I had truly believed Europe had gotten tired of map making and that World War II would

be their last war fought in Europe. Their culture in fact so much of their militaristic identity resides in "Grand Design" visions. Grand Illusions which they assume will show the world their prominence and greatness. Sometimes the scheme works. The last time international stability broke down to this extent was 65 years ago. Of course the West believes, at least most of them, that things will never again to that extent but because of so much corruption on the highest level of Western and Russian society and Beijing's eagerness to arm the Islamic world, the powers that be have been investing in the breakdown all the time. I personally never believed I would ever see another European war in my own lifetime but I underestimated certain sinister aspects of European character. The Grand Deception, which you can see through if you know their history and therefore pattern. The diplomatic show, an elaborate subtle ritual designed to impress and at times insult with its procession of prominence, prestige, stature and of course power.

In 1990 CNN showed a meeting of NATO and Warsaw Pact military representatives meeting somewhere in Europe. They were saying they were going to merge their military commands. The military delegates would not say publicly how they were going to achieve this but I could tell the way they were looking they were up to something extremely suspicious. The following year Yugoslavia is divided and the division is recognized, initially the twisted boundary of Croatia which cut off Serbia's access to the sea. It was designed to cause conflict but I assumed this new Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), headquartered in Vienna, and Brussels NATO headquarters, thought they could settle it diplomatically but they underestimated the impact of weapon dealers. Weapon dealers are perhaps the most profitable and busiest business operations in the world especially since the invention of the machine gun late in the 19th century. However not all the weapons were coming from Europe. During one of the winters in the first half of the 1990's when there was a pause in the fighting due to the weather, an article mentioned Serbia having by far the best weapon contacts including receiving weapons from Libya. I first assumed some Libyans simply wanted to cash in on the conflict but I eventually realized the Islamic world also knew the West put itself completely out of position by starting another front. As I believe I mentioned in an earlier article Khomeini's beliefs spreading over North Africa so of course you will have action in the Mediterranean, with the Balkans now fighting the West has simply started another front. Persia and the Arab world can use events just as well as anyone and.......for the whole article go to source


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